Monday, 15 September 2014

Working to Live vs Living to Work

Letter I had printed in the Metro (29/03/2012).

I feel sorry for Joanne from London. By her own admission, she doesn't 'enjoy' her six-figure salary, yet she has chosen to sacrifice her quality of life in pursuit of it. Britain's work ethic isn't the problem; it's the idea that money is everything. You need enough to live but is it really worth living only to earn?

(Joanne from London wrote: Having read lots of comments regarding negativity towards the 50p tax rate being cut to 45p, I feel compelled to share my views on the topic. As a young woman from a modest background, I have risen through the ranks of various companies thanks to sheer hard graft. After ten years of working 14-hour days and many weekends (with no overtime), I now 'enjoy' a six-figure salary in what little spare time I have.

I live in a two-bedroom flat in London, hardly a glamorous lifestyle, and see more than half my salary disappearing straight from my account each month. I have no influence over where this money goes and how it's spent, yet all I hear is envy and resentment from the peope my taxes go to support.
Who is standing up for people such as me, who work hard, pay huge amounts of tax and never complain? When did success from hard work become something to be vilified rather than celebrated?)

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