Thursday, 12 February 2015


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  1. I see your miniature shoes with tiny miniature scales do you have anything about miniature shoes on your website here? I’ve just got a dolls house miniature shop that I have to fix together and I’m doing a shoe shop .

    1. Hi - are you looking for 1/12 scale? My favourite suppliers are Shepherd Miniatures, Feel Toys, and the amazing yinyingo on etsy. I'd also recommend checking out Odin's Miniatures, Alison Davies Miniatures, and on the secondhand market shoes from Heidi Ott, Hornby Cassy, New Moons Sindy, and other 6" dolls / action figures, depending on the style you're looking for. x

  2. Love to see more on Barbie, Bratz, and Monster High. I know they're big under takings but you're so thorough so I would love to see what you post


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