Monday, 9 February 2015

Eternal Impressions Inkless Print Kit

Back before Christmas I won an inkless baby hand and foot print kit from the chelseamamma blog. The kit came from Eternal Impressions and was worth £10.95, and included a £5 voucher to use the print to make one of the other personalised products they sell. My plan was to use the kit as part of Marianna's first Christmas...

Marianna had other ideas, arriving 12 days past her EDD on New Year's Day. So, instead, I decided to take the prints to commemorate her being a month old. The kit comes with what looks like a wet wipe and a few sheets of special contact paper - you just wipe baby's hand and foot with the wipe and press it to the paper. It is a little tricky, with the paper prone to picking up smudgy prints from your own hands if you're not careful. But it's still much, much less messy than using paint!

Once the prints are made you can send them off to Eternal Impressions to be made into keyrings, canvasses, or any of the other products they offer. I haven't done this yet, but my plan is to use the prints as part mother's day presents and, as all the details are on the back of each contact sheet, the recipients will have the option to use them in this way if they want to. :)


  1. I love things like this and wished there were more things like this when my three boys were smaller - yes I could have made my own prints with paint I suppose but as you said it is VERY messy and knowing my lot there would've been paint everywhere.. it's best just leaving it well alone lol x

    1. I'm so with you on that - I'm not a 'messy play' type at all!! x


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