Friday, 6 February 2015

In the Press

In the News - posts on topical issues

 Opt-Out Organ Donation.
 Understanding the Poverty Threshold.
 "But I pay my Council Tax..."
 5 Reasons To Say No To Hinkley C.
 Declining Modern Foreign Language Study.
 The Gloves Are Off - Sandwiches and Prejudice.
 When an 'ism' Isn't an 'ism'.
 Political Campaigning When You Have a Baby.
 2015 General Election Results.
 The Problem With UKIP.
2015 TV Election Debate.
 Fallacy of Composition - State vs. Household Budgets.
 Fact Checking and Gullibility.
 Shared Parental Leave.
 [Not So] Smart Cards.
 The Bedroom Tax.
 Who Needs Feminism?.
 How Public Transport Contributes to Unemployment.
 Body Image and Eating Disorders.
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