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Welcome to Me

Welcome To Me
My name is Jessica (or, more usually, Jess); my mum chose it long before I was a twinkle in anyone's eye and, when I was, she was so convinced I was going to be a girl she didn't concern herself with picking a boy's name. When I was born I apparently looked just like my mum's nan(!).

Me as a baby with my parents
With my mum and dad as a baby.

I'm 27 years old and live in Cwmbran, South Wales, where I was born and bred. I studied history at Cambridge, then moved back and worked in the third sector in Cardiff before being elected to Torfaen County Borough Council in 2012.

Me with friends at university
At university - I'm on the left.

I tried graduate studies at the University of South Wales for a while, where I met Anthony (the love of my life  ). I gave them up just as I found out we were going to be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet - there seemed more than enough happening to be going on with!

Anthony and Marianna
Anthony and Marianna.

Here is all the above information and more in the form of a handy 'getting to know you' meme:

My name? Jess
My last name? Is really common, but still gets misspelled all the time...
Hair colour? It's naturally dark brown, but I tend to dye it 'blackest black'.
Do I smoke? No.
Do I drink? Very rarely.
Pick three words to describe me? Friendly, random, busy.
Who am I in love with? Zac Efron. I don't care that crushing on the Zefron is for 12 year olds. Just look at those perfectly groomed eyebrows -
Zac Efron.

Do I have any siblings? Yep, I've got a younger brother.
Do I like 'em? Yeah, we have the same sense of humour so we're into a lot of the same stuff. We used to make up all kinds of fantastical Sherlock Holmes' mysteries (we were like 16 and 13...) which would always end with Holmes confessing his undying love for a poor longsuffering Watson. Shipping is in the family.
What's something that makes me cry? Take a Break magazine. Seriously, someone's always dying, or their kid's dying, or their kid's dog is dying.
One of my favourite things to do? Reading, writing, watching old films, shopping, slobbing about...
How many piercings/tattoos do I have? I don't have any tattoos, and these days only my earlobes are pierced. I used to have three in my ears, and my eyebrow pierced, when I was at school.
What are my political views? Socialist, UK Labour Party.

Here's Carwyn, Welsh Labour leader, getting some milk...
Name some of my favourite foods: Anything that's bad for me - crisps, chocolate, chips, McDonalds...
Name a song that I love: More like: Anything by Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog at the moment.
Am I shy or outgoing? What makes you pick your answer?: Shy, sometimes debilitatingly so. I don't feel it at work or anything, just when I'm being 'me'.
Am I a rebel? Not really.
My favourite colour? Red.
My first celeb crush? Scott from Five.
Something I hate: Hate's a really strong word, but racism.
3 of my OTPs: Holmes/Watson. Jeeves/Wooster. Bilbo/Bofur.

My fave Holmes and Watson.
What super powers would I have as a superhero? I want to be able to fly. I'd probably become the female incarnation of Matter-Eater Lad.
Which job suits me best? No idea. I try jobs out, don't like them, go back to the drawing board.
If I were famous, what would I be famous for? I'll probably be infamous for something.
What shoes do I wear most? Babycham sneakers. They're my fave brand. <3
How tall am I? About 5'4".
If I were stranded on a desert island, what would I bring? My blackberry and solar charger!


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