Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Eat Well For Less

I really enjoyed the episodes I caught of the BBC TV show Eat Well For Less. In a nutshell families who were massively overspending on branded food products were shown the error of their ways to reign their spending in. The main message was to not be afraid of buying supermarket own brands, and to meal plan in advance. We put it into practice and it's already made a big difference.

Aldi Cwmbran - it was full of drama today as a man had made a run for it without paying for his shopping, uncaring of the CCTV and the fact he was driving a company van...

I started shopping in Aldi instead of Morrisons, not because the actual items were substantially cheaper but because Aldi has a smaller range on offer. It's amazing how much of an impact not having a choice of a whole aisle of something makes. Shopping is now quicker and much more straightforward. Removing the temptation to buy extras has also helped me keep within our new tight food budget of £25 per week, plus £5 for cleaning products, toiletries, etc.

The legendary Rola Cola...

For all the bad rep own brand products get, to be honest there aren't many things we've stuck to brand names for. The only ones that come to mind are shampoo and conditioner (Aussie and Pantene, respectively), Walkers' Sunbites, and Lenor Unstoppables (mostly because they're too new to have an own brand equivalent). A, who is practically addicted to pepsi / coca cola, was happy to switch to Aldi own brand - not least because we can get 10 bottles for under £4.

To help things along this week I took the result of a big wardrobe sort out to the Cash For Clothes place in Old Cwmbran, and bagged just under £10. If we can stick to the same thrifty ways when A is back in work, it might be a whole new leaf for both of us!

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