Tuesday, 10 March 2015

eBay 'Eck

Ebay is simultaneously one of the best and worst things about the modern world - you can find almost any piece of tat you can think of, but then you find yourself owning it! It's also great for raising funds; A has been selling off a load of unwanted comics so unsurprisingly I've spent the last few days lumbered with all the packing, posting, and answering messages...

As Weird Al sang, the kind of stuff you'd throw away...

The other eBay related thing that has been taking up my time lately is an 'eBay Bargain Hunt' challenge between A and myself. We had £1 each and had to win as much stuff as we could for that pound, including postage and packing. Of course as soon as there's any element of competition involved I become determined to win, and managed to get 22 separate items for 1p each. My best win was a pack of 10 Tatty Teddy congratulations cards with recorded delivery - not bad for a penny!

My full list of 1p eBay wins:

  • apple bead x2 auctions
  • fishing stickers x2 auctions
  • 3m of ribbon
  • loom band hook
  • apple macbook keyboard cover x4 auctions
  • Christmas card
  • sellotape
  • pack of 4 sim cards
  • pair of gel insoles
  • one penny coin x2 auctions
  • pack of congratulations cards
  • lanyard clip
  • jingle bell charm x2 auctions
  • plastic bead

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