Friday, 13 March 2015

If Dan Can, You Can!

Dan Can (the super recycler) is Torfaen's recycling mascot. According to his comic strip he was once just an ordinary can, until he was hit by a meteorite from the planet Recycletron. Now he does school visits and attends road shows to encourage more people to recycle.

The money Torfaen spends on disposing food put in general waste is equivalent to fixing 1,685 potholes.

Sadly, he wasn't at the recycling road show at Morrison's this afternoon, but they were giving out information packs and the new recycling reference wheels - they're colour coded to let you know if and how you can recycle around 50 different types of waste. The wheels, along with an information leaflet, are being delivered to all homes in Torfaen (a process which began on Monday). It's all online HERE, but it's handy to have something you can just stick on the fridge.

To be honest, we haven't been amazing at recycling since we moved on. We use the black box for the obvious things like tins, jars and bottles, and my parents have all our cardboard / paper / fabric waste to make paper bricks for their open fire. This year I really want to improve our food waste disposal though, and start recycling more of the less obvious items. The older I get the more wasteful it seems to throw anything away - every time a programme is on TV about extreme hoarders A jokes that that is my future...

[For upcoming recycling road shows, click HERE. If you need to request a new recycling box / other container click HERE or ring the call centre on 01495 762200.]

In other news, I found this picture of the Mount Pleasant Tornadoes at the back of the wardrobe. The wardrobes were here when we moved in, so I guess it must have belonged to the previous tenant? I'm guessing it's from the late 70s or early 80s - they all look so smartly turned out! :) (If the owner sees this, get in touch so it can be returned!)

Kind of related, I've also applied today to go on the board of Mount Pleasant Hall, our local community hall. We use it for Labour party branch meetings, and for our councillor surgeries - and when I was younger I remember going to lots of kids parties and suchlike there. Like all the community halls in Torfaen it's being given into community ownership, so if you're interested in being involved with the running of the hall contact Torfaen's community halls officer, Jacky Rue, at or ring 01495 742489.

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