Friday, 6 March 2015

Plant! - Trees for your New Arrival

Today we had a lovely letter and certificate through the door from Natural Resources Wales, one of the organisations which delivers the Plant! project on behalf of the Welsh Government. I'd never heard of the Plant! project before (or, if I had, I'd since forgotten about it!), but it's a really sweet idea which also benefits the environment.

Google Images first offering for 'tree'.

Basically, for every child born or adopted in Wales, the government sponsors the planting of two trees - one in newly created woodland in Wales (Marianna's is in Pantside Community Woodland Park, near Newbridge in Trecelyn), and the other in the garden of a family home in the Mbale region of Uganda. As the letter says: "This [fruit] tree will help protect local communities from the effects of soil erosion while also providing them with food, shelter and a source of income."

"Trees are critical to the environment, both locally and globally. Planting trees in Wales and Uganda will be vital in helping to tackle climate change while also improving our environment. With these trees we hope your child will feel a personal connection with their environment."

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