Saturday, 14 March 2015

Saturday Shopping

We went to Cwmbran library today to get Marianna her first library card. Well, we actually went yesterday but I forgot to take any proof of address with me. I don't know what type of fraud I might be able to commit with a child's library card, but there you are. The guy on the help desk today was really nice though and sorted Marianna's card and explained the Bookstart Book Crawl scheme for babies. We were given a free little English / Welsh book today, and a card to stamp every time we take books out for her. Every card you fill earns a certificate, and when you've done five cards you get another book. :)

Daddy reading Marianna 'Lawr ar Lan y Mรดr' (At the Seaside)

After that we went to the table top sale at the Congress Theatre (they're taking place 10am - 3pm for the next few Saturdays, I think). There were some really cute things there, and two ladies selling beautiful jewellery. I restrained myself though and just bought a card and an Aristocats hair clip for Marianna. We then had to go to Tiger because I love the place. I ended up buying a photo frame and the most gorgeous retro looking tray! I've been really into the 60s look this week so obviously it had to become mine...

I picked up some much needed baby hangers in Home Bargains too.

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