Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Review: Jumperoo

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

I had heard loads of good things about the jumperoo, so was thrilled when my cousin offered to get her daughter's rainforest one down from the loft for us. FP don't provide an age recommendation to start from, just that the baby needs to have good head control. Marianna certainly does, and with her number one favourite activity being kicking (preferably a person...) it seemed just the kind of thing she would enjoy.

The jumperoo is so bright and colourful her face lit up as soon as she saw it. And when we swivelled the seat around to the lights and sounds workstation she looked positively amazed. She's too young to bother much with reaching out for things, but she enjoys watching the lights and when the more up-tempo tune comes on she likes to kick a bit. I'm sure that she'll work out the joys of actually bouncing in it over the next few weeks!

Full shot of Jumperoo

As the above picture shows, the jumperoo is a large and sturdy structure. To my mind it's safer than a door bouncer, and has the added advantages of letting us a) shut the door and b) not getting us into trouble with the landlord for marking the door frame. Marianna's not quite big enough to be able to reach the floor whilst in it, so we put her mat and blanket underneath it. The jumperoo is suitable for babies up to 25 lbs so she will have plenty of time to grow into it.

Close up of Marianna in Jumperoo

I really have to go with the vast majority of reviewers on this one, it's great. There are lots of colours, lights, noises, and things to reach for. There's dangling toys, and spinning toys, and the ability to bounce. It's safe and secure, and even at this age Marianna is happy to sit in it for 20 - 30 minutes before wanting out. You can expect to pay £80 - £115 (Amazon vs. Mothercare) new, but if you're able to collect you can pick them up for around £10 on eBay.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too


  1. My nephew has one and it is the sweetest thing seeing him bop about on his tip toes! Love them x

    1. They're so much fun - I probably loved watching her bounce in it more than she was actually enjoying doing the bouncing! :)

  2. We welcomed Piglet into the family late last year and have had friends mention about getting her a Jumperoo for when she is older. I love your photos of the jumperoo and can see why little ones love it

    Thank you for linking up to #ToyTuesday

    1. My mum kept saying about them because she'd seen my cousins, but it wasn't until we actually had it that I realised what everyone was raving about. :)


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