Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Review: Tippitoes Mini Bath

Of all the first stage baby paraphernalia we bought - and there was a lot - the one thing we couldn't have done without was the Tippitoes Mini Bath. We bought the orange and white version, but you can get it with the non slip parts in grey and green too. Or, if you want to be really funky, the bath also comes in transparent pink and blue.

Another day of creating dirt wasted...

The bath has three great features. Firstly, it has a plug hole to avoid the usual water splashing all over the place when you tip it down the sink. Secondly, it is raised up into a sitting position. Finally, it has a big non-slip headrest so baby can actually sit up in the bath even before they've mastered head control. We didn't use it from birth - though you can - but we started using it as soon as Marianna came home from hospital at three weeks. I was really wary of bathing Marianna because I was still struggling to pick her up with the c-section scar, and she vocally (very vocally) made her hatred of water known at every given opportunity.

Tippitoes Mini Bath, generally retails for around £13.99

Not having to support her completely made such a difference. Marianna just lay back against the headrest and I could support her with one hand without any strain. After about 3 to 4 weeks Marianna decided that, actually, she loved being in the bath after all. The Mini Bath will be too small for her before long, but even for this relatively short time it's been worth its weight in gold.

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