Saturday, 4 April 2015

Saturday Antics

It was pretty busy today. I took Marianna to town in the morning to pick up such essentials as envelopes, stamps and sticky tape. From there we went to surgery - it was even quieter than usual. There's an interesting blog post from a Wandsworth councillor on surgeries HERE. We seem to get plenty more attendees than that guy, but it's very rare for it to be busy. They can be very useful though, and it's good to have a regular slot when people know they can speak face to face should they want to. Not everyone is glued to their smart phone after all. (In other news I would be if my new contract phone hadn't become out of stock between ordering and processing... so, if you need to get in touch, the phone isn't the way forward until the middle of next week at the earliest!)

Marianna looking cool in her special baby shades - a win from Foster Grant.

After that we went to visit my mum and dad for a bit and, as my dad and brother were going, we ended up meeting up with some family friends at Wetherspoons. Marianna was really good; she seems to love being places with lots of things to hear and look at, I guess A and I are just a bit boring in comparison. When we got back there was even some post waiting for me, the funky Leutton Postle & Kopparberg jumper I won a couple of weeks ago. It's perfect timing - Christmas has kept the loud jumper wearing to itself for too long!

Following in her daddy's footsteps... 
And you can see our house through the pub window! (Kind of.)


  1. Haha, lovely shades there, so cool! #WickedWednesdays

  2. Awww she is one cool chick! I bet she loves it though DS1 had no interest in anything at that age other the starring at lights on the ceilling, haha #wickedWednesday

    1. Hehe, yeah there's plenty of that going on! Doorframes seem equally fascinating for some reason! :)

  3. That is exactly how I look at a pint of lager or a glass of wine! haha xx

  4. Ahhh cute!! Thanks so much for linking up to #wickedwednesdays! Have a truly amazing festive season! x


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