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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips

Get the kids to help - as soon as they're old enough, at any rate! Seriously though, the best spring cleaning tip I can give is organise and declutter your home and, by association, destress your life. Don't just go for the obvious stuff, like the blouse you haven't worn since 2002, because spring cleaning offers the perfect opportunity to tackle all the random junk which just builds up and up and up.

The carrier bags and the odd buttons. The make up you bought and decided you didn't like, and the dregs at the back of the kitchen cupboards your other half bought because they couldn't read your handwriting. The gifts you were thankful for but will never use, and the plastic whatsit you've been keeping in the drawer because it must be part of something.

doll with doll house

If you're savvy, decluttering can even mean a little extra cash to reward yourself with once it's all over. Unwanted clothes and bedding can be taken to your local cash for clothes operation - the sums won't be huge, but every little helps! Books, CDs, DVDs, video games and some types of electronic items can be traded in online - see my comparison of the main sites. Empty ink cartridges can get you a few pounds, and you can use to see how much your old phone could net you. will tell you how much you could get for your unwanted jewellery, and then there are ye olde classified ads and car boot sales which can help you shift more unusual items. The wonders of eBay, of course, go without saying.

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If money isn't enough to part you from your clutter, think of all the good your dust gathering possessions can do. The obvious route is to bag up the clutter and take it to your local charity shop - use to find out more about the shops operating in your area. But there are more direct routes for specific items.,, etc, will sort your wardrobe, while your underwear drawer can make use of bra appeals. Baby clothes and paraphernalia can be used to make up baby bundles amongst other things, and older children's clothes and toys are always in demand (check out your local FIS for suitable venues). If you've been hoarding mail, salvage the stamps for donation, then,, and sites like musicMagpie et al make it easy to donate tech items.

Your local authority will probably offer kerbside collection of paper, cardboard, material, tins, bottles and various other types of plastic containers. Supermarkets tend to have collection bins for carrier bags and used batteries. Asthma inhalers, prescription glasses, and hearing aids can all be recycled, and that leftover paint from the last stint of DIY can go to Community Repaint.


When you've finished getting rid of things, it is time to organize what's left. You may rent a self-storage unit near your house to have more space at home and get organized. You may also store your unwanted things and furniture but have sentimental value. Want to know a life hack? Henfield website allows you to browse for available storage in Camden, Kensington, Stratford, and other towns in London.

As for the smaller items, you should buy a folder to hold all your receipts, bills, and important household information. (A zip up folder is perfect for storing all of those instruction manuals cluttering up the place.) Invest in some vacuum bags and sort your clothing into summer and winter, and check out these space saving closet lifehacks. Get busy with the tupperware (or poundland alternative, let's be realistic here) and turn the kitchen into an oasis of organisation. Buy a nice wicker basket, or some other receptacle, to collect daily clutter. At the end of each week sort through it - return to its proper place, throw it, recycle it, or donate it.

Once these things are done it's easier (theoretically, at the very least!) to keep on top of things. Your ultra organised kitchen will be a breeze to clean, and your clutter basket will be an easy gauge of how much any family member has missed that misplaced item during the week. Having instant access to paperwork can be a lifesaver, and your pared down DVD collection will encourage you to venture into pastures new. (Probably.)

Best of all, you will feel calmer and stronger for taking control of your clutter.

Trust me.

My tip is - get the kids to help!


  1. A professional advice is always appreciated when needed and I have bookmarked your article

  2. I love a good clear out, it makes me feel lighter and a lot less stressed too. Fab post Hun x

  3. This is so useful! I have already decluttered but I now have a boxes and bags of stuff to get rid of, so all those links will really help me decide where to send the stuff. Thank you! x

  4. #makinghome i have just cleaned out my attic full of old baby and kids stuff now to pack it all up and get rid.

    1. Sometimes I wish we had an attic - but then I realise that if we did, I would only fill it with junk! :)

  5. I have been 'spring cleaning' since before we moved in 2014 haha. I swear by the summer I will have cleared everything out that we no longer need! Great tips on where to take things to. We donated all of Baby Bs old bottles to a hedgehog hospital rather that throw them away! #MakingHome

  6. I have got so bad at decluttering. I really need to have a good sort out does make you feel better in the long run. You've given some good tips here, there's so many ways to reuse stuff now #makinghome

    1. Definitely - I need to have another good go through our house, there's stuff everywhere! x

  7. I love a good clear out, I am a bit OCD when it comes to tidying. Thanks for linking up to #TopTipTuesday

  8. you can find the badge to add to the bottom of your page at

  9. We have just done the big spring clean better late than ever such a good feeling though when it's gone .like you say I had got clothes that i haven't worn in years and will no longer fit in 😞 #toptiptuesday


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