Sunday, 19 April 2015

Tightwad Tips

My crafting idea about reusing baby formula tubs made it into That's Life! this week. They emailed me to say I should get my cheque within the next few weeks (they pay £50 for a tip with a photo if they print it), which isn't bad for sending in a picture. Even if it does mean I've now joined the ranks of such tip visionaries as the lady who - infamously, in our house - suggested 'if you're tired of apple crumble, why not try rhubarb instead?'

Have you ever been in a magazine? (For whatever reason!) I've been in stuff because of work, but before that there were only two occasions I can think of. I had the star letter one week in the now defunct Sneak magazine when I was still at school, but they never sent me my prize. (I'm still bitter...) And I had my reader profile printed in Best of British magazine - it's a 1940s / 50s / 60s nostalgia monthly.

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