Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Comping Success

I've been really lucky over the last month or so and managed to win lots of lovely things. It really gives you the motivation to keep entering because, after all, you have to be in it to win it!

Here's Marianna with a win worth around £40 from that arrived this morning - Tomy's Push and Crawl Turtle, Ready Steady Musical Giraffe, and Tap 'n' Toddle Elephant. I've also won a Nuby Comfort Teether Kit through their Facebook page, and a copy of Frank! by Connah Brecon.

A didn't get left out of the prize presents, either. I won the full set of Star Wars DVDs from the Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes Facebook page on May 4th - the photo above shows A and Marianna entranced. Then there was a pack of pink icing from the Renshaw Baking Facebook page, and a pile of books from Goodreads along with a £50 shopping voucher from

Finally there were a few treats for myself. On Instagram I won a necklace from Moon Tide Jewellery. I had a choice of three different stones and went for the purple quartz; it's so pretty. Then I had an email from Lucas Jack, the jewellery brand, to say I'd won an Athena bangle. It's made of resin with gold plating, and retails for £135!

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