Monday, 25 May 2015

Magazine Monday: Tucker's Luck, 1984

Today's scans are actually from an annual (another thing I'm a fairly avid collector of), specifically the 1984 Tucker's Luck annual. Tucker's Luck was a short lived spin-off from BBC kids' drama Grange Hill, following the exploits of Tucker, Alan and Tommy now they've left school with one English O-Level between them. With that kind of backing it's not too surprising that they became part of the quarter of under 25's who were out of work in mid 1980s Britain.

"If you're stuck in a dole queue for hours - or anywhere else for that matter - here's a few ideas to keep the minutes ticking away... some silly, some sane!" Click HERE for full size.

Much like the NEETs (Not in Employment, Education or Training) of today, they were at the mercy of government schemes and low skilled, monotonous jobs. As Tucker exasperatedly told the job advisor at their local dole office:

 Have you ever worked in any of these jobs? 'Cause they offer even less self-respect than they do wages!

The annual too dealt with what was the reality of many of their readers - how to look for work, and how to cope when it didn't prove forthcoming -

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