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Sharing Shoes

Collecting dolls from a range of brands is fun, but finding (affordable) shoes to fit instantly becomes a nightmare. This is the first post in a series of shoe sharing madness. This one will look at 1/12 scale dolls, suitable for standard scale doll houses. Before we go any further, let's meet the models:

Heidi Ott [young woman]
(Our model is wearing Monster High Frankie Stein's first wave dress and the most amazing tiny friendship bracelet by littlegreything on Den of Angels. Her feet are about 18mm long.)

Heidi Ott [Mature Woman]
(This model won't be modelling anything - her feet are HUGE. This is just so you can see the difference between the two Heidi Ott females. Her dress is the 1974 stock fashion from Dancing Pippa.)

Obitsu / Shelly [i.e. Kelly]
(This is a 11cm Obitsu body with Tyco Quints Cousin head and Shelly dress. Obitsu feet are 18mm long, the same size as Mattel's Shelly doll.)

Picco Neemo
(Our model has a Frankie Stein head from a novelty Monster High pen, and is wearing the MH Bee Girl dress under a pink Dawn doll dress. Her feet are 5mm wide and 14mm long.)

Pippa / Dawn
(Our model is actually Pippa's friend, Marie. Note that she has molded high heel feet, like a miniature Barbie.)

Cassy Doll
Hornby Cassy doll was released in 1992, with lots of rubbery high heels and boots. Heidi Ott [young] can wear the boots if you remove her feet first. 

Picco Neemo


Pippa / Dawn and Similar Shoes
You can see a full range of shoes for these small fashion dolls HERE at Who's that Doll? The vast majority are only suitable for dolls with molded arched feet (exceptions include the rubbery pumps for Uneeda's Triki Miki and Little Miss Dollikin) - you can get Picco Neemo feet in, but with a high risk of splitting the brittle vintage plastic. The boots, however, are a different story - so long as you take the doll's feet off. 11cm Obitsu dolls can also wear shorter boots in this way.

Heidi Ott

Picco Neemo

Polly Pocket
I forgot to take photos, but Pippa and Picco Neemo can wear some of their shoes, and the boots - providing you take the latter's feet off.

Shelly Doll
Barbie's (former) little sister, and her friends, have hundreds of different shoes between them. The two main types however are trainers and mary-janes.

Heidi Ott [young] - note the very snug fit.

Picco Neemo


Heidi Ott [young]

Picco Neemo - they look super cute, but are at constant risk of falling off.

Pippa - the molded arch of her foot mean they could fall off at any moment.

Heidi Ott wearing Shelly cowboy boots - she doesn't even need to take her foot off.

Tyco Quints Cousins
Tyco Quints are sets of five baby dolls from the 1990s. To babysit the quints - the parents apparently wanting as little to do with their offspring as possible - were a trio of triplet cousins. Ghost of the Doll has a reference page for them HERE. They had two types of shoe, trainers (i.e. sneakers) and flats. The trainers are too small for Shelly.

Quints Cousins

Heidi Ott [young] - very, very tight fit.

Picco Neemo


Heidi Ott [young]

Picco Neemo - note the gaping at the back.

Pippa - no good for her arched feet.

Shelly - very snug fit.

There are plenty of generic shoes out there designed for 11cm Obitsu dolls and tiny yo-sd style BJDs. These are generally too big (especially width ways) for other small dolls.

Obitsu wearing generic tiny BJD shoes from

  • I don't have any branded Heidi Ott shoes, but they can likely be shared with Picco Neemo, at least.
  • Picco Neemo can also wear Ddung shoes, as seen HERE
  • Azone make their own Picco Neemo shoes too, like THESE. Again, I don't have any to take comparison photos with. Yet...
  • You can get handmade shoes for Picco Neemo. Eg. HERE, and HERE.

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  1. Hello! I know it's a stretch that you'll ever see this but I guess I'll give it a shot lol. So does this mean that the Heidi Ott dolls can fit the Obitsu11 shoes as well? Hope to hear from you soon <3 Stay safe out there as well!

  2. I don't have any Heidi Ott dolls on hand anymore to check, but they should be able to x


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