Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Favourite Waste Of Time

My Favourite Websites

If I'm online, this is where I'm spending my time:

#10. Snopes

Snopes is where you go when you see something on the internet too good (or too awful) to be true. It exists to debunk urban legend, myths, and the kind of unattributed scaremongering people forward you on Facebook. Start at What's New? and watch as your day disappears before your very eyes...

Tv Tropes
#9. TV Tropes

TV Tropes is like a black hole, sucking in your time and attention. Its aim is to 'catalogue and cross-reference recurrent plot devices, archetypes and tropes in media'. Its key achievement is the addictive ease of clicking from trope to trope to trope to trope.

#8. ebay

I love ebay. My bank balance doesn't. You can find my profile HERE, and my guide on how to block annoying bidders HERE.

Archive of our Own
#7. Archive of our Own

The AO3 is home to literally millions of fanfics. I've written about some of my favourites for the Fandom Snowflake Challenge. I love the related Fanlore too, which is the Wikipedia of fandom and the fannish community. I find the history of this longstanding hobby of mine fascinating!

#6. Tumblr

Tumblr is the best social network because it requires the bare minimum of interaction with other people to enjoy it. You can follow my randomness under the name babiafi.

Gaia Online
#5. Gaia Online

An anime themed forum based website, Gaia Online has been burning up my free time since August 2004. You get a customisable avatar when you sign up, then you need to interact with the site to start earning Gaia Gold to buy cool stuff for your avatar. I currently have over 21,000 unique items in my inventory... Feel free to friend me, I'm babiafi.

#4. The Prize Finder

Comping is one of my favourite hobbies - you have it be in it to win it, after all! - and is my favourite place to find new competitions.

#3. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the wise old man of the internet - it knows everything, it just gets meddled sometimes. One day Google and Wikipedia will formalise their BFF relationship and we will all bow down to our  new overlords.

#2. Cracked

Cracked bills itself as 'America's Only Humour Site' and offers readers a range of topical articles, photo manips, debunks of some of the more idiotic stories floating around the net (and outlets which ought to know better) and, best of all, endless trivia. Like the Creepiest Places on Earth series, and Creepy Urban Legends That Happen To Be True (sweet dreams!). They also have an ongoing vendetta against the Daily Mail, which only adds to the appeal.

Babi a Fi
#1. Babi a Fi

I know, I know, it's cheating. But with the help of PicMonkey, Canva, etc, I'm always working on something for the blog!

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