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Sindy - the doll you love to dress!


For many years Sindy was Britain's wholesome girl-next-door answer to Barbie. Pedigree, wanting to get into the fashion doll market, struck up a deal with the Ideal Toy Company, producer of Tammy, and Sindy was launched in the UK in September 1963.

Sindy was the UK's most popular fashion doll until the 1990s, when she became increasingly Barbie-fied in an attempt to compete. Sadly, there's very little the UK can offer to compete with the glamour of Malibu! There's still a big collectors' market for vintage Sindy dolls and accessories though, and my mum's hobby is dealing in Sindy stuff on Ebay. 

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2013 was the 50th anniversary of Sindy and the official Facebook page ran a Sindy makeover competition. I wanted to go for a really modern look because you rarely see it with Sindy dolls - Sindy collectors aren't really into OOAKs and stuff the way you see with other vintage dolls like Pippa.

50th anniversary Sindy by Jessica Powell

I didn't think to take any photos of her as a work in progress, so these are the pics their photographer took. She did have a clear elastic band around her head to hold her hair in place, but it either snapped or got removed, so she looks a bit dishevelled! I bought the trainers from, made the jeans, and modded a vintage tank top to fit tighter and drew the Iron Fist Wishbone design onto it. (You can just see it in the top middle photo.)

Plus I wigged her and redid her face-up. The jacket is vintage Sindy, and the bag came from my mum's collection. I wanted to make her a proper satchel, but I didn't get chance. You can check out the full collection of makeover dolls HERE at

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