Sunday, 14 June 2015

World Doll Day

Yesterday was World Doll Day, an event which has been celebrated in the doll community since 1986 - read more HERE over at Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter. Basically it's about sharing your love of dolls with the world. I didn't have chance to blog yesterday as we were going to a wedding renewal; it was great fun with little fair stalls like hook a duck and tombola set up, though I'm feeling a little worse for wear today...

Anthony with my little living doll.

But back to World Doll Day. The 2015 challenge is to list your three favourite dolls in your collection and three from your wishlist.

Dolls I Own

#3. Elfdoll (Artmaze Inc) Pin Up Barbara
'Barbara' is a 60cm BJD released back in July 2010 as a limited edition of 30 dolls, and came with the outfit, extra hands and feet, and eyelids which you can set with putty to give a half lidded look. It's the biggest fashion doll I own, and also the most expensive, even though her articulation is awful. Seriously, she sits more awkwardly than a splay legged clone Sindy half the time! Still, to me she's one of the most beautiful dolls I've ever seen and definitely belongs in my top three.

#2. Wildflower Dolls Tara
I love Wildflowers dolls - it's nice to see something a bit different in sixth scale, and I love the character in her doll heads. Tara is the first one I bought (check out the etsy store HERE), then I added Allison a few months later. I haven't ruled out getting more.

#1. To The Fair Poppy Parker
Poppy Parker, from Integrity Toys, is just about my all time favourite doll line. Poppy's back story is that she is, essentially, Twiggy: a teenage model who takes the 1960s by storm. 'To The Fair' was a W Club exclusive in 2013 and is the only Poppy I own so far, though I also have a Colour My World Darla Daley, Poppy's friend.

Dolls I Want To Own

#3. Hot Toys Marty McFly
Hot Toys make sixth scale action figures but, really, you say tomato, I say tomato. Check out Marty's full stats HERE.

#2. Lillycat Cerisedoll
Lillycat is a French BJD company who specialise in the weird and wonderful. Pictured is Ninon.

#1. Beatnik Blues Poppy Parker
Given my raving about Poppy Parker in the last section, the number one here is probably no surprise. Beatnik Blues is my favourite Poppy - though I think she'd have to lose the beret!

Mummy Lala


  1. Oooh these are some great looking dolls. I love Pin-up Barbara that you already have and the Lillycat Cerisedoll is stunning, the detailing is perfect. I've just gone to have a look on the Lillycat website and there some great looking dolls, I like the fact that you can custom make them.

    It's great seeing the things that people like to collect, thanks for sharing.

    The wedding renewal you went to sounds good. You've got to let your hair down now and again ;) Gorgeous picture of your little family.

    Thanks for linking up with #TheWishlistLinky,

    Laura x

    1. The Barbara doll is great - and her miniature roller skates are seriously cool. If I had the funds I'd have a whole mini collection just made up of the Lillycat dolls. It's that kind of thing that makes my other half glad we don't have that kind of disposable income! ;)

  2. Love Pin Up Barbara, she's so cool! I love reading about items that other people collect!

    1. :D Thanks! Me too - even the really weird and wonderful collections, like airline paper bags!


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