Sunday, 19 July 2015

Body Blushing

This was originally posted on my doll blog last July. I'm almost done merging the two now. :)

Body blushing, according to Yahoo answers, is: detail work added to the body of BJDs to make it more realistic, e.g. things like colouring the nipples, or shading areas around the muscles to make them stand out more.

My first encounter with BJDs - ball jointed dolls - was via the awesomely talented Japanese doll artist, Koitsukihime (see HERE), and part of the appeal was the realistic body blushing of the hands and feet. Most BJDs companies offer body blushing services, usually for around $50 - $75. Obviously, being a cheapskate, I prefer to blush at home with nothing but chalk pastels and some soft artist's brushes (and a small aubergine). For a How To guide, click HERE.

But, it's not just expensive BJDs that are open to body blushing. Azone Neemo bodies, made from PVC, are perfect for pastel blushing. I had a session today with all my Azone bodies, and here are the results:

I've mostly just blushed around the joints - 'cos that's the look I like best.
Heads, L-R, are: Pippa, Kitty Corner repro Francie, vintage Skipper 1, Disney Store Snow White, vintage Skipper 2, Frankie Stein novelty pen.

The other cool thing about body blushing, is that with a bit of application you can completely change the doll's skin colour. The doll on the far right is a MH Frankie Stein novelty pen head on an Azone picco neemo body in white skin. Here is what it would have looked like brand new:

White skin body on the left, 'natural' on the right.

Using a blend of light blue, green and white pastels, I began blushing:

Here I had only started blushing the lower half of the body. Excuse the grubby looking tea towel - Frankie was the last project of the day, the rest had been done in pinky or orangey tones.

Some time, and a lot more pastel later, Frankie looked like this:

Pretty cool, if I say so myself. Finally, a word on the top coat. As the blushing is only pastel, it's liable to rub away quickly unless you use a fixative. In the BJD world the 'must have' top coat is MSC, or Mr. Super Clear UV Flat (review HERE). That is what I've used here because I picked some up cheap from a UK based hobby store about two years ago. It can be hard to get hold of in the UK though, because of international postage restrictions, and pretty much any hobby matte varnish spray will be fine.

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  1. Probably know this by now but the must have sealant in the UK tends to be Purity Seal from Games Workshop. It's easy to get hold of here and I know many UK face up artists who swear buy it. You get a huge can too!

    1. Yeah, I've heard it's really good - I still have a ton of MSC left though, you can tell how often I do any blushing! xD


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