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'Fat' Playscale Dolls

plus size fashion dolls
Ruby was the face of a late '90s Body Shop campaign - read more HERE. What I wouldn't give for a plus sized doll with all that articulation. *sigh*

This probably won't come as a surprise to anyone who's read this blog before, but I am slightly obsessed with dolly diversity. Don't get me wrong, I love Barbie - controversies and all - but I don't want my entire collection to look just like her. So, using Barbie as the fashion doll standard, this post will explore the fuller figured options out there. (Though few really merit the adjective 'fat'.)

Media reactions to the topic of fat dolls tend to be along the shock, horror it will glamourise obesity lines. But then, on the flip side, I'm sure we've all seen the impossible Barbie body articles. It's perfectly okay to glamourise extreme under eating though, I suppose, because it's not as though that ever created any health problems... *rolls eyes*

Newsflash - Barbie is getting three new body types: tall, petite, and curvy! Read more HERE.

* Pictures all come from Google Images, I claim no ownership *

1950s Glamour Dolls

Before Barbie hit the scene playscale fashion dolls tended to be slightly shorter (around 10 or 11 inches) and much chunkier. Pictured is the Ideal Toy Company's Little Miss Revlon - in modern times Tonner have revived the line. Madame Alexander made the 10" Cissette, Margot, and Portrette dolls, and the 11.5" Lissy doll - see more HERE. Uneeda had the Tiny Teen Bob and Suzette dolls, and Horsman made the 10.5" Cindy. There were also the Circle P dolls, such as Belle's Little Miss Margie.

Action Figures

It's not that female action figures are designed to be fuller figured, it's just that when stood next to your average fashion doll they look it. Pictured is an example from Triad Toys, but there are plenty of other companies out there making 1/6 scale female action figures:

American Teen

This range of nine 10" dolls were launched in 2001. Read more about them HERE, and HERE. I love the piercings on Zoe, the doll pictured. For body comparisons, click HERE.

Beat Cop

This 21st Century Toys 12" figure had a regular body, but was padded out to look bigger. The head sculpt is good though. For more detail click HERE. For another tubby cop, try the ZC World NYPD figure, again with fat suit.

Beth Ditto

Superdoll, they of Sybarite fame, made a one off Beth Ditto doll as part of the promotion for her Evans clothing line. Read more HERE.

Big Beautiful Dolls

Big Beautiful Dolls were launched in 1999 to bring some diversity to the doll market. There were three basic dolls in the range - Dena, Dasia, and Dawn - and a Madame CJ Walker tribute doll. Read more about them HERE and HERE.

Ciotka Kena

Only 24 of these girdle wearing beauties were ever made, as part of a 1994 art project by Polish artist Zbigniew Libera. Read more about her, and his other work, at his website.

Dust Of Dolls

This small French BJD company make a range of childlike and more mature dolls in 1/6 and 1/12 scales with chubbier than usual body types. Pictured is the Zouh Spun doll. Check out the official website at, and their blog HERE.

Edna and Tracy Turnblad

The Turnblads are characters from the musical Hairspray, which is all about accepting people for who they are. Play Along made tie-in dolls for the 2007 movie, see Tracy HERE and HERE (singing doll in pink dress), and Edna HERE. For nude body comparisons, click HERE.

Egon Heidrich

1/6 scale Wehrmacht chef figure from DML, with sculpted pot belly. They used the same body for their U.S. Green Berets Col. Mike Kirby figure - more info and pics HERE.

Fat Suits

In the 1/6 action figure world the padded fat suit is used fairly frequently to avoid the expense of sculpting a bigger body. Pictured is the fat suit from the DID Winston Churchill figure. Other fat suit wearing dolls include Hot Toys Jor El, King's Toys StalinMajestic Grandpa MunsterPalisades Toys Nice Guy Eddie, Sideshow George WashingtonSideshow Mandy, Sideshow OddjobSideshow Sgt. SchultzSoldier Story Ariel Sharon, ZCWO NYPD Officer Murphy and ZCWO Police Tactical Unit Tong. The Mattel Ricky Ricardo Santa doll has one too.

Get Real Girl

The Get Real Girls were a line of action figures aimed at girls, launched in 2001 with fully articulated, athletic looking bodies. For more information, check out the toydirectory and THIS post by the original designer. For nude body comparisons, click HERE.

G.I. Jane

12" dolls with more robust frames than your average fashion doll. Pictured is the Hasbro produced G.I. Jane Helicopter Pilot from 1997. There is also a G.I. Joe nurse doll from 1967 - see HERE - and later Vietnam nurse dolls (see HERE and HERE).

Ginny and Friends

Ginny, an 8" child doll, was one of the most famous dolls produced by the Vogue doll company. In 1957 she gained a 10.5" older sister named Jill, and in 1958 an 11" older brother named Jeff. Jeff also had a girlfriend named Jan (pictured) who started life at 10.5" but grew to 12" in the 1960s.

Gone with the Wind Mammy

World Dolls released a few versions of Mammy in 1989, a 1/6 scale version in a black dress (as pictured) and a grey dress as seen HERE. They also made a larger 19" version in black and grey dresses. The doll has vinyl limbs but a soft body. For nude body comparisons, click HERE.

Happy Family Grandma

Mattel launched their most recent Happy Family line in about 2003. The grandparents were available in Caucasian and AA skin tones. For nude body comparison, click HERE.


Hasbro launched a line of Jem dolls to tie-in with the TV show in 1986, there are good collector's sites HERE and HERE. Jem was taller and chunkier than Barbie, but she was replaced in 1988 with the Maxie doll who is closer to Barbie proportions. Nude body comparisons HERE.


1/6 scale action figure company that makes a range of male and female bodies. They launched their fat base body in 2012.

La Dolce Bambola

Created by South Korean artist Jung-Hee Park, 1/6 scale Bambola is one of my grail dolls. She's just beautiful! You can read more about her at the artist's online store, their Flickr stream, and HERE.


Already something of the doll you love to hate in the blogosphere, Lammily is the brainchild of Nickolay Lamm, an artist who worked on an art project to create a Barbie doll with the proportions of the average American woman - something which was later crowdfunded into mass market reality.

Mimi Bobeck

Bobeck is a character from The Drew Carey Show, played by Kathy Kinney. The doll was produced by Creation Entertainment in 1998. For nude body comparisons, click HERE.

Awesome plus size dolls by Noyadolls.


Domadoll released this super cute 29cm tall BJD in 2008. Read more HERE and HERE.

Rosie O'Donnell

O'Donnell is a US actress and comedienne who became a plastic friend of Barbie's in 1999. For nude body comparisons, click HERE.


In the UK Sindy was the best selling fashion doll right into the 1990s, prompting Vivid to use the unfortunate line 'when you're number 2, you try harder!' after gaining the licence. Although she became ever more Barbie like in later years in an attempt to compete, for most of her existence she was happy to be quite a bit chunkier than her American counterpart. Most of the 1960s dolls used a chunky hollow plastic body, like her American inspiration, Tammy, before switching to barbie style vinyl. Sindy inspired other doll lines herself, using the same body type, such as Fleur, and was also similar to the 12" dolls being produced by Horsman in the 1960s. For a nude body comparison with Barbie, click HERE.


The villain of Disney's The Little Mermaid, Ursula is a regular in the doll aisle of the Disney Store. Pictured is the 2013 limited edition version, but you can find the classic doll as part of the current range. The fabulous 2012 Disney Villains version was slimmed down however, presumably so the whole line could share the same body type.

This photoshopped fat Barbie was used as part of a 2009 anti-obesity campaign by the Texan Active Live Movement. There was also a fat Superman and fat Playmobil figures.

Other options and fuller figured dolls in other scales:
  • Action Girl. Produced by Palitoy between 1971 and 1977 the 1/6 scale Action Girl (Dollikin in the US) was just as thin as Barbie, except for in the hip department. She and her miniature counterpart Little Miss Dollikin / Trikki Mikki shared the same body shape.
  • Crissy. An 18" doll created by Ideal in 1968. Read more HERE.
  • Deavivente. These beautiful 1/12 scale porcelain dolls by Anya Kozlova have natural body shapes. Read more HERE.
  • Doll Chateau. They specialise in very stylised BJD bodies in various sizes, often with wide hips. Check them out HERE.
  • Emme. This 16" doll was launched by Tonner in 2006, based on plus size model Emme Aronson. Read more HERE. The same body sculpt was used for the character of Effie from the 2006 film Dreamgirls; you can check the doll out HERE.
  • Fat Fairies. BonBon and Coco are chubby 14cm mature BJDs produced by Sleeping Elf (AKA Tinybear).
  • Lillycat Cerisedolls. Not fat by any means, but these dolls are beautifully pear shaped, another thing you don't see very often in the doll world. Check them out HERE.
  • Mego. Mego made a range of chubby 8" dolls, including Friar Tuck, Grandpa Walton, Boss Hogg, Penguin, the Wizard of Oz, and Mr. Mxyzptlk.
  • Salome. Gorgeous 45cm BJD sculpted by Freakstyle. Read more HERE.
  • Sia' Lorna. Fuller figured 16" doll by doll artist Alba Garcia, read more HERE.
  • You could also have a go at modding your own doll - there's a BJD tutorial HERE and an amazing mod using a plastic baby doll HERE.


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