Friday, 3 July 2015


Anyone remember Funnybones (Y Sgerbydion)? They lived in a dark, dark cellar, down some dark, dark stairs, in a dark, dark house, on a dark, dark street... Re-ment recently released a new 1/18 scale line called 'Pose Skeleton' which reminded me of it - there's a mummy skeleton, a daddy skeleton, a baby skeleton, and even a dog skeleton!

Until I get a 1/18 scale house, my skeleton family have found the perfect home on today's new purchase - the T-rex statue that has been calling to me from the window display of Comfortzone Cwmbran for the last six months. I couldn't resist any longer.


  1. I loved that story! I used to make up my own versions as I could never remember it but as long as I said 'dark, dark' somewhere in the sentence it worked! :) Thanks for linking up! x

    1. Hehe, same here - I could never remember how it actually went. :)


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