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Guide to Sindy Houses

Sindy Doll House Guide

As far as 1/6 scale doll houses go, Sindy's Super Home is fairly ubiquitous. It's a good size, it isn't made out of pink plastic, and you can pick one up on eBay for under £50. But the Super Home wasn't Sindy's only foray into property ownership. In fact she had numerous different houses, caravans, stables, and other buildings...

1970 Sindy's Town House

Though this was advertised in the 1970 brochure, it doesn't seem to have ever made it into production.

1973 Sindy's House

This one apparently made it into limited production, but was flimsy and was soon replaced. According to the Sindy Museum, it had four rooms, decorated as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge. You can see part of the house used for photos in the 1974 catalogue.

1974 Sindy's House

Existing examples appear to have been competition wins, so it is unlikely this house was ever on general sale. You can read more about it HERE.

1975 Sindy's Home

The first Sindy house to hit the mass market, it consisted of sturdy printed cardboard which slotted together, and sheets of cut out and make furniture to supplement Sindy's existing range of scenesetters. You can read more about this house HERE.

1977 Stable 

Produced in Holland by SIO, the Pedigree version was based on existing output (e.g. the stable pictured with red roof which was part of their 1976 Western range). You can see the stable HERE in the 1977 catalogue.

1977 Carry Case / Hotel Room

For the doll who needs a home on the go.

1978 Caravan

Again, this original caravan was adapted from an existing SIO product (shown bottom right).

1979 Sindy's Home

Sindy decided to redecorate in '79. You can read more about this version and see close-up pictures HERE.

1981 Caravan

Sindy's caravan got an update, moving to a plastic construction.

1981 Sindy's Home

Out went the collapsible cardboard, in came the plastic floors and spiral staircase.

1982 Sindy Country Garden

Plastic and cardboard structure, with accessories and garden mat. You can see it HERE in the 1981 international catalogue, and from a different angle HERE in the 1982 catalogue.

1983 Sindy's Super Home

In its basic format, the Super Home was a three storey house made of plastic floors, connectors and cardboard walls, complete with lift and roof terrace. Then came all the add ons - the 'extension' bedroom floor (seen on the right hand side), stable, cardboard roof, balcony pack, window pack, and door pack. Click HERE and HERE to see the Super Home and accessories in the 1983 international catalogue.

1985 Sindy's Country Manor

A great house - if you actually live in a country manor! The numerous access points require plenty of space. (Catalogue pages HERE and HERE.) You can check out some close-up shots of the manor and its interior HERE, at machigo's Flickr stream.

1985 Nursing Hospital

Click HERE for the other picture from the 1985 catalogue, or HERE and HERE for pictures from the '86 catalogue - the blue was changed to a light green colour that year.

1985 Tele Studio

Sindy's TV studio all dressed up for a pop quiz show.

1986 Silver Skater Ice Rink

1986 Sindy's Star Home

Two storey house with a rooftop garden. and an inbuilt dove cote. The upstairs dividing wall is actually an integral part of the cardboard, rather than a removable piece as it is in the Super Home. The floors are hardboard (making the ceilings spectacularly ugly...), and the rooms themselves are a couple of inches smaller than the Super Home. (Five stories of Star Home is not much taller than four stories of Super Home, so it adds up.)

1988 Fashion Boutique

Click HERE and HERE to see the full catalogue pages for the boutique set.

1990 Sindy's Dream Room

Check out the catalogue pages HERE and HERE.

1990 Sindy City House

This one started life in 1988 as Maxie's City House. Two years later it was simply stuck in a new box and sold as Sindy's latest rung on the property ladder.

1992 City Home

1993 Cafe

1994 Light Up Country Manor

Rather more pink than its 1980s counterpart.

1996 Sindy Surprise House

Check out its Amazon listing for more detail - you can buy it as new-old stock for £24.99.

1996 Pop Star Party House

Studio flat by day, and popstar party house by night...

1997 Super Fun Nursery

Pictured is the relevant page from the 1999 UK catalogue. The version sold on the Continent was orange and pink, as seen HERE.

2000 Mega Sounds Cafe

Transforms into a disco - you can watch the original TV advert for it HERE.

Sindy TV Studio
2001 TV Studio

Lacks all the charm of the original. See the catalogue page HERE.

Sindy Secret Dream House
2003 Secret Dream House

I don't know much about this one at all, but according to an archived article from the Independent you could buy it for £74.99 from Hamleys back in 2003. Check out some close up photos: one, two, three, and four.

Which one is your favourite? :)

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  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to thank you so much for this post. I have been looking for a picture of Sindy's 1970 and 1974 houses and I stumbled across your blog. You have no idea how much these pictures are appreciated. I don't know if I count the 74' house as a real home more like a display structure but nevertheless an important part of Sindy and Fashion Doll history. Do you know if there is a front picture of the 1970 house? Anyway thanks again, Take care! Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa, I found all the pics on the net but I wanted to collect them all together in one place. I've never seen a pic of the front of the 1970 house - the ones I have are from the 1970 brochure which is up at:

  2. Wow some of these are just insane! I like how everything seemed to get 'bigger' from the 80's which was supposedly (I was only alive for two of the years) a time of indulgence and 'bigger is better'. It's great to see such a huge time line of Sindy houses though! #toytuesday

    1. Some of them really are huge! I've got the super home and I have to stand to reach the top floor - kids must have needed a step ladder! x

  3. Who knew that Sindy has so many different houses? I was always a Barbie fan when I was younger #ToyTuesday

    1. She really is a spoilt doll when it comes to playsets and houses!

  4. Thanks for the memories, I had the 1981 Sindy house, in fact I think it is still in my parents loft, I definitely still have some of the dainty knives and forks she used to have and my very fist Sindy horse, that has no mane or tail, because my sister as a toddler cut them off!
    Thanks for linking up to #toytuesday

    1. Ah, the fate of all toys with long hair! I don't know what the fascination is, but I remember cutting my own dolls' hair too!

  5. Hello, I live in the USA.I would love the super house with the extensions, lighting kit and balcony. How hard are they to come by and how expensive? I know the shipping will be expensive! Are they rare or fairly common? Love your pictures and information!

  6. I've got old sindy! House and all the bits from 1983,wanna sell it but don't no were to start


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