Friday, 24 July 2015


I loved Rainbow as a kid, especially the episode about 'Dick Turnip, the naughty highwayman' who was out to steal the Bungle jewels (made from milk bottle tops...).

I blame Rod, Jane and Freddy for my soft spot for folk music.

In the hope of nipping Peppa Pig in the bud, I bought Rainbow DVDs before Marianna even arrived. Because if you're going to sit your kids in front of the goggle box, you want to make sure it's showing quality rubbish, after all! So far she's pretty impressed - here she is shaking her maraca in time to Songs, Rhymes, Stories and Tales. Now to introduce Daylight Robbery 2 (BBC documentary on squirrels from 1991, watched by a young me roughly 573,912 times) and I can truly relive my pre-school years.

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