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Telsalda Wendy

Clone Dolls - Telsalda Wendy and Cheeky
* Pictures in this post found via eBay, I claim no ownership *

Telsalda were a typical cheap 1960s toy company - they sold plastic cars, plastic boats, plastic rockets, and, of course, plastic dolls. (In addition to clothing and other cheap tat.) The only difference between them and most Hong Kong manufacturers was that Telsada was actually a London based import company; they had begun buying textiles from the Far East back in 1890.

There was something of a vogue in the 1960s for dolls with wigs - the most famous being 1963's Barbie and Her Wig Wardrobe - because why just change your outfit when you could change your hair colour and even style too? Telsalda decided to go one better. Instead of wigs, their Sindy clone doll came with three interchangeable heads:

Telsalda Wendy doll

spare heads for Telsalda Wendy doll

They still made the standard wig doll too, though she uses a slimmer head mold:

Clone Wendy Wig Doll by Telsada NRFB

Box Side - Box Top.

Later 'mod' versions.

If this was just too much glamour for you, there was a super basic rooted version:

Back Image - Close Up.

Telsalda also had a Patch clone called Cheeky, again both as a wigged doll and a rooted hair doll with interchangeable heads. Here's the only picture I could find (from HERE), of the wigged version:

Telsalda Cheeky doll

The regular versions could be bought together, as seen here:

Telsalda Wendy and Cheeky Dolls Box

Telsalda Wendy and Cheeky Dolls

Please note: photos are not mine - they are Flickr embeds or were found on ebay.

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  1. Hi, I want to thank you for your info here, I got a new doll the other day, a Patch size doll with wig, totally unknown to me, but looking for pictures of Wendy with wigs I found you page and was so glad to learn about Cheeky here. I shared this with other collectors in a facebook group and I hope it's okay that I showed a box front there and I also shared this page so others can go get wiser. Martha


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