Monday, 13 July 2015

Wild Flower Dolls

I came across Wildflower dolls just a few weeks ago, during one of my regular trawls of Etsy. They are doll heads produced in limited editions of 50, hand sculpted and painted by Andrea Meyer, the talented artist behind the brand. You can check out the shop on Etsy HERE, and the Flickr with past creations HERE.

Tara #31's Etsy head shot.

The dolls all have such character, but I was instantly drawn to the Tara head mold. It's not everyday you see a lifelike smile in the 1/6 world, after all! On top of that, the mix of the smile, freckles, and the perm-esque hair reminded me of my mum when she was younger. With the final sweetener that the doll, complete with fully articulated body (you can choose from Obitsu, Fashionista or FR) and shipping from the USA to the UK, was listed for about £55 ($90) - I was sold.

My mum, back when the perm was compulsory.

My Tara, #31 of 50, was waiting for me today when I got home from work and she's even better than I'd hoped she'd be. Her face paint is excellent, and her freckles more vivid than they looked in the photos. Every time I look at her I smile! She also came with a selection of flowers for her hair, three pairs of earrings for her ready pierced ears, hair clips, and a simple outfit with extras stashed in a 1/6 scale 'Macy's' bag.

My Tara. <3

My only dilemma now is which doll to bring home next...


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