Thursday, 13 August 2015

Gaia Online

Marianna is staying over at Nanny's tonight and so, in lieu of doing anything useful, I've spent the afternoon catching up with the world of Gaia Online. Essentially a forum-based social networking site, Gaia was founded way back in February 2003. I joined in August 2004 at the urging of one of my penpals. They moved on, but I've been a 'Gaian' - on and off at least - ever since.

Avatars over the years; the middle one is my current avi.

Dressing up your avatar is the best bit about Gaia, but to do that you have to earn Gaia Gold by posting in the forums, playing mini games, and generally using the site. You also get a little house, a car, and an aquarium which also need virtual pennies spent on them. In latter years there has been a lot more focus on just buying the currency (gcash), but there's no fun in that. Still, my goal is to own as many different items as possible - right now my inventory numbers 21,263 and counting. :)

Lake Kindred.

The newest thing is a Pokemon-esque mini game called Lake Kindred. It's so addictive! If you are a member, please feel free to add me. My username is babiafi and you can find my profile HERE.

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