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Guide To Fashion Doll / Playscale Bathrooms

Playscale Bathrooms Guide
Bathroom scene by Mariel Clayton.

When it comes to doll furniture, the bathroom tends to be somewhat neglected. Probably because at the sight of a miniature toilet the urge to put the fashion doll in unglamorous positions becomes uncontrollable... Still, no self respecting doll house is complete without a properly furnished bathroom. Read on for the options out there.

* All pictures found via Google Images, I claim no ownership *


Barbie needs no introduction... Her furniture does tend to be slightly on the small side though, so beware if you're mixing and matching brands.

1975. Bathe 'n Beauty Place.

1976. Beauty Bath.

1977. Bath & Beauty Center.

1979. Bath Chest and Commode.

1982. Commode and Towel Rack.

1982. Luxury Bathtub.

198?. Bubble Bath. (i.e. a pink version of the Beauty Bath from 1976.)

1985. Glamour Bath and Shower.

1987. Sweet Roses Beauty Bath.

1987. Sweet Roses Bathroom Accent. The weighing scales were also available separately in 1985.

1992. Bubblin' Shower.

1993. Bathroom Playset.

1995. So Much To Do Bathroom.

1996. Potty Training Kelly. You could also get this set with a black version of Kelly.

1996. Bathroom for the Folding Pretty House. In 1997-8 there was a slightly different version with a pink toilet seat and sink surround - see HERE.

1996. Sprayin' Fun Shower.

1999. Light-Up Bathroom.

2000. Bathroom Playset. Gloria doll - scroll on down for more info - had the exact same playset. It was reissued in 2001 with a white bath, blue wall, and purple drawers.

2002. Living in Style Bathroom.

2002. Bath and Bubbles House.

2006. Shower and Vanity.

2009. Dream Bathroom.

2010. I Can Be... Baby Sitter. This toilet is disgustingly realistic - Shelly poos in the toilet then you flush it away. Read more HERE.

2011. Sweet Dreams Bath and Bed Playset. More details at Amazon - this set was also available in 2011 as the Princess Charm School Playset and in 2012 as the Glam Bedroom and Bath Carry Case. There had previously been two earlier versions in 1998. All are simply generic play sets with Barbie branding (see the 'Well Success Toys' section further down this post). 

2011. Barbie Sisters Bathroom and Skipper set. More info HERE.

2011. Bath to Beauty set - read more HERE. You could also get the bath from this set bundled with a doll, as HERE.

2013. Glam Bathroom - read more HERE.

2013. Glam Shower.

2015. My Style House Dream Bathroom sink and toilet set - more info at Amazon.

2015. Barbie Deluxe Bathroom.


Produced by El Greco, Bibi-bo was Greece's answer to Sindy.

1980s bathroom suite.

Bratz & Moxie Girlz

They came, they conquered (Barbie, at any rate), they slunk into obscurity. Bratz are actually making a comeback this year. Looking at the new range, I'd say MGA shouldn't hold their breath...

This was designed to fit into the fold out Bratz World house which has a built in shower, toilet and sink - MGA later reissued the house for their Moxie Girlz line as shown below. For more on the houses, check out THIS blog post.

The Moxie Girlz house comes packaged with the bathtub.


Fashion Candi and her four 11.5" friends were introduced by Mego in 1979, essentially a standard fashion doll counterpart to their 19" Candi doll. There's a little more info about her HERE.

Candi came with fake tan and hair dye, so needed this shower introduced in 1980. It's obviously the same model as the Marx Sindy shower (i.e. the US version) and was presumably produced under licence.


This is a little plastic room.

Disney Princesses

2012. Royal Bathroom set.

Ariel's Flower Showers Bathtub - 2015 play set by Mattel.

Then there are the knock-offs.

And then there are the really cheap and nasty looking knock-offs like this set, found on eBay.

Elf Miniatures

Better known for their super realistic - and super expensive - 1/12 scale kitchens and bathrooms, Elf Miniatures also make a small range of 1/6 scale bathroom furniture. You can get wall fittings (taps and shower heads), as well as a Japanese style bath and a few different types of vanity unit. Check out the full range HERE.


The Otto Simon Company lost their licence to sell Sindy dolls in the 1970s - the result was Fleur, often described as Sindy's Dutch cousin. Though generally similar, Fleur's furniture is different enough to make it well worth tracking down if you like the look. Be warned though, Fleur furniture does not come cheap!

Bathroom set from the late 1970s. Read more at You can currently buy this bathroom set on eBay for £125.

1980s bath.

1980s toilet.

1980s shower.

There wasn't a bathroom sink available, instead the hairdressing saloon set was designed to be multi-purpose. Read more HERE.


In the West TONG Toys Gloria is primarily known as a Barbie knock-off. But in Russia, where she was sold as Teen Betty, she is highly collectible and a symbol of the new, post-Soviet Russia of the 1990s. You can read more about the doll HERE. For the purpose of this post, the interesting thing about Gloria / Betty is that Gloria branded furniture is still being manufactured in China, and can be picked up fairly cheaply on eBay from sellers like fortunetoys. It's usually very pink and plastic looking, but just check out what can be done with a little acrylic paint at the Gloria Furniture Makeover Flickr. (These sets can also be found under different brand names, produced by Well Success Toys - scroll down this post for more information.)

This is the same as Barbie's 2000 bathroom play set.

White bathroom.

Very pink bathroom.

Pink and white bathroom.


Kurhn is a popular Chinese doll line - you can read more about them HERE.

More details on this set can be found HERE.


Takara (now Takara Tomy) launched Licca-chan back in 1967, though she is rarely seen outside of Japan. The doll is about the same height as Barbie's sister Skipper, so furniture will be a little underscale for regular fashion dolls.


2012. Licca Grand Dream House with sounds.

2014. Licca's dad Pierre in the bath with her triplet baby siblings. This is the bathroom of the eco house, designed in conjunction with Pana Home. Read more HERE.

Loading Toys

1/6 scale action figure company who produced this, er, lovely toilet a few years back. If you shop around you can still pick it up for under £20.

The little banknotes are included.

Madame Alexander

There was a Psycho bath set made in 1998 for their 10" dolls, so possibly a little small but still rather cool.

Magic Box

Company supplying clothing and accessories for 1/6 scale action figures. 

2012 bath. They also do a clean version, read more HERE.


Hasbro's Maxie doll was a tie-in to the Maxie's World cartoon and a replacement for their Jem and the Holograms line of dolls. Read more about Maxie and her play sets at the Maxie fansite.

Hasbro bath - made from the same mold as Sindy's.

Hasbro 'Too Cool Locker'. It doubled as a shower room - check out THIS blog post about it.

Shower and Vanity.

West Coast Hot Tub and Patio Set.

Moko Moko Candy Toilet

There are other candy toilet containers, but these are probably the best and come in something like 15 different colours. Check out the video review HERE.

Monster High

Even as Mattel fights to restore Barbie to her usual position as Queen of the doll aisle, their other major doll brand has been selling like hotcakes since its launch in July 2010.

2012 Draculaura Bath and Vanity set - check out the Amazon listing HERE.

2013 Lagoona Blue Shower Play Set - you can see the box HERE.

Nanas Barbie Furniture

Etsy seller who makes 1/6 bathroom sets for fashion dolls. You can check out their full bathroom range HERE.

Patches of Pride

Patches of Pride Big Crapper
'Big Crapper' toilet from Patches of Pride, 1/6 scale action figure specialists.


1968. Sindy's very first piece of bathroom furniture. The blue tank held water, so the tap actually worked and Sindy could really take a bath. You can read more about this bath HERE at the Sindy museum. The outer box, pictured above, and the '68 catalogue illustrates a different bath but I've never actually seen one. It might have been a prototype or very limited production. The first catalogue to have an actual photograph rather than a picture was in 1969, and shows the bath above.

1975. The bath and washbasin were introduced in 1975 (read more HERE), and the toilet in 1976 (see HERE). You could buy the pieces separately or, in 1977-78, together as a bathroom gift set. The picture above is from the 1977 catalogue.

The working shower was introduced in 1978. The catalogue picture had a brown back and different doors - see HERE. The 1979 catalogue was updated to reflect the production model.

1978. Sindy went Stateside, sold by Marx Toys. Her bathroom furniture was the same - minus the toilet - but the colour was changed. Read more about Marx Sindy HERE.

1979 Marx Sindy shower. This shower was also sold as Mego Candi's.

1982. The shape of Sindy's bath was changed, you can see it HERE in the 1982 Pedigree catalogue.

1983. The colour scheme was updated to a blue and white suite, with purple linen. The bath was also available in the original shape in the new blue colour in 1983 - check out the catalogue page HERE.

1983 shower. Catalogue page HERE.

1985. The toilet gained a new press flush and a purple seat, while the wash basin was completely redesigned. The bath now had gold taps, and the shower was also a completely new design, operating via hand pump instead of being battery operated.

1987. Another colour change.

1992. The bath had been made a more vibrant pink in 1990, and was the only bathroom furniture available that year and 1991. In 1992 the toilet and sink were reintroduced, this time with blue tile effect flooring and floral decoration.

1994. Bath.


Japanese company that specialises in PVC anime figures in 'sexy' poses. You can buy the diorama pieces separately too though.

This has been in production for a few years. You can read a review of it HERE over at or check out its AmiAmi page HERE.

Steffi Love

German fashion doll line which seems to be becoming ever more ubiquitous in the UK, with singer Pixie Lott now acting as the face of the brand. It remains to be seen whether or not she can shake off the 'poor man's Barbie' tag.


2015. Loft Bathroom.

Well Success Toys

Chinese company that manufactures cheap plastic 1/6 scale furniture - many of their bathroom sets are also available as Gloria branded play sets. You can check out the full product range HERE.

City Girl: Bathing Fun.

My Fancy Life: Bathing Fun.

My Fancy Life: Bed and Bath Suite.

My Fancy Life: Washroom.

Princess Bathroom.

Rose Palace: Spa.

Off Brand
Or, sets I found listed on Alibaba and the like.



Jiao Bathroom.

Stylish Look Washroom Gift Set.

Toy Beauty bathroom.

Modern Comfort Bathroom Set.

The most stylish of them all...

If none of these take your fancy, you can always make your own. Check out THIS Pinterest board for tutorials and inspiration.

For more like this, please click the image below:
Babi a Fi Dolls and Miniatures


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