Friday, 21 August 2015

Mini Mart: Rebecca's Minis

There is quite a mix of scales going on here - 1/24 scale slot together kitchen from Tiger (it was a birthday present from Anthony!), 1/18 scale Pose Skeletons by Re-ment, and 1/12 scale packaging by rebeccasminis.

Supplier: Rebecca's Minis
Website: eBay Store.  Etsy Store. They also have a Facebook page.

Products: Handmade 1/12 scale prams and car seats on Etsy, and various handmade 1/12 scale accessories (packaging, iPhones, etc) on eBay.

With 1/6th scale, if I can get decent scans online, I'm generally willing to make up my own packaging. It's fiddly and time consuming, but doable. When it comes to 1/12th scale that is just no longer the case. I don't have the patience. So I was very impressed when I received the medicine bundle of six items. The Savlon box in particular is amazing and worth the £1.95 I paid for the set on its own.

Close up of some of the medicine packages.

I also ordered a set of banknotes (5x each of £5, £10, £20 and £50) for £1.80. They are printed on both sides and the best I've seen in my trawls of miniature suppliers. The final item I ordered was an iPhone for £1.35. It is so tiny! But perfect. This last was a gift for my mum who has recently become the proud owner of a Malibu Beach House (more on that some other time), and is looking for modern accessories.

Post and Packing: Postage discounts available on multiple items, I paid £1.40 for my order of three listings. The items were sent protected in a small cardboard box within the envelope which I was really pleased about, as I've sadly ended up with squished miniatures in the past from other sellers. The package arrived within days.

The package, note, and close up of the iPhone and banknotes.

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