Saturday, 22 August 2015

Review: Nappies - Pampers vs Mamia

Before I fell pregnant I had visions of my future self, all environmentally and socially aware, doing the right thing and using real nappies. Then I had nine and half months to ruminate on the realities of real nappies and my resolve disappeared. Marianna uses disposables.

Super Marianna - no matter where, no matter when, she's always ready to go...


It's not a good PR week for Pampers, with metal shards found in the lining of some of their nappies, and my review isn't exactly glowing either. My experience backs up the Which? consumer research which suggests that although Pampers is the best selling, it's far from the best reviewed brand.

Click HERE for the Pampers website.

I would say they take the pee, but I'd by lying. (Anthony suggested that line!) We used the Baby Dry range and they just aren't absorbent enough for Marianna's frequent and hard core bladder emptying. On numerous mornings I found the nappies had wet through, which isn't nice for me and certainly isn't nice for her. The adhesive strips didn't seem overly strong either, which was a contributing factor to other accidents...

Mamia (Aldi)

Mamia have been winning awards left, right, and centre, and in our experience beat Pampers hands down. They're more absorbent, have better adhesive, and the designs on the front handily have a front and back image so you have a better chance of positioning it the right way round first time, even in your bleary, sleep deprived fug. Touch wood, Marianna has yet to wet through a Mamia nappy, either.

The bestest best thing is that Mamia is substantially cheaper. A jumbo pack of size 3 Pampers works out at around 16p each at Asda, while at Aldi I can get Mamia for less than 8p per nappy.

There really is no contest.

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