Tuesday, 25 August 2015

School Uniform

It's almost the beginning of the new school year, and school uniform is everywhere. Debenhams are running a competition that got me thinking back to my own school days. They're asking bloggers to post a photo of themselves in uniform, then choose items from the Debenhams Kidswear range to recreate the look as closely as possible. For more info check out the Rock 'n' Roll Mum blog.

I started school at Hollybush Primary (now Nant Celyn), but I think this photo is from when I was at Croesyceiliog Primary. I was at Maendy Primary - which I'm now a governor of :) - before Rhys started school, so I'm probably about 5 in the picture. Marianna will doubtless think it hilarious once she's old enough, though I take solace in the fact that Rhys looks equally as ridiculous in his little blue zipper suit there.

These are the items I'd recreate it with:

My cardigans were generally hand knitted, and my school skirts used to be elasticated and pleated the whole way round, but this is a fairly good approximation. Missing, of course, is the school tie and the snotty tissue shoved up the sleeve of the cardigan. The blouses pictured are actually boys' shirts - the fitted girls' shirts were just too trendy to reflect that school photo!

Just for fun, here are a couple of later school uniform photos:

Maendy Primary.

Croesyceiliog Comprehensive - also a school I'm now on the board of - with me in the middle.


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