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Tumblr For Compers

Tumblr for Compers

This feels a bit like a school essay, where you first have to define the keywords. A 'comper' is someone who has turned entering competitions into an art. Or a hobby, at any rate. (For more on comping, check out my Beginner's Guide To Comping post.)

Tumblr, launched in 2007, is a microblogging site come social media network. What this means in practice is that it's the place to share cute pictures of cats, humorous gifs, and teenage angst - almost half of Tumblr users are teenagers or young adults. You can expect to see lots of internet in-jokes, memes, and prettified screenshots from films and TV shows.

TL;DR, I Can Has Comping?
(Too long; didn't read, what about this Tumblr comping you speak of?)

Although I haven't used it much lately, I've had a pretty good success rate over the years with Tumblr. Some wins include original artwork, postcards, sweets, a handbag, a calligraphy set, books, and a big bundle of K-pop (Korean pop) CDs. To get in on the action:

First you need to set up a Tumblr account. There's a step by step guide HERE on WikiHow, but really this will only take about a minute and half. Once you're set up you can change your avatar (user pic) and banner image by clicking on the person logo on the top right of the screen. It will give you the option to edit your blog appearance and settings (whether or not to link up to Facebook and Twitter, and other such matters.)

Okay, that done you can start searching for competitions. There is a searchbar on the top left of the site, 'giveaway' is the usual tag. Change the search results to 'most recent' - it is rarely clear when something was originally posted, so this will help filter out competitions that have already ended.

So far, so good. Next you just scroll down the page until you find a giveaway that takes your fancy. The user demographics obviously impact on the kind of giveaways you'll see - kawaii (Japanese for cute) stationery, merchandise for TV shows and similar, original artwork, sweets, etsy jewellery, and clothing. Read the post carefully to ensure it's an 'international' giveaway as opposed to 'US only'.

Now you can enter! Some giveaways will be run using rafflecopter, but most will just ask for actions carried out on the site. The usual are:
  • Follow. (Hover over the username in the top left of the post to bring up a profile box. Click Follow.)
  • Like. (Click the heart in the bottom right of the post.)
  • Reblog. (Click the double arrows in the bottom right of the post.)

If you win you will be notified in your messages (click the little message icon along the top right of the screen to check them) or you will be tagged. Just search for your username, or click on the littler person in the top right then 'activity'. This will show you who has interacted with your posts.

The final thing to mention is that many giveaways prohibit 'giveaway accounts' - i.e. accounts only used for entering competitions. To solve this problem just use the same process to search for something else which interests you (say, 'grumpy cat' or 'fleetwood mac') and reblog a few pictures in-between your competition posts. All sorted.

Please feel free to follow me there, and ask any questions you need to. :)


  1. Brilliant! Thanks Jess. I'm going to look into this - I *love* kawaii Japanese stuff! I imagine I could find Tumblr rather a distraction from the (comping) job in hand though....

    1. Hehe, it *is* quite addictive! It's a bit more time consuming now that a lot of posts are just automatic reposts from Instagram, but there's usually something worth winning. :D


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