Saturday, 19 September 2015

Anthony's Blogging!

The blogging bug has spread - Anthony has set up his own blog: The Man Down My Local (aka. The Repository of All Political Knowledge). My favourite bit so far has been about the differences between migrants and refugees:

"Immigrants come to Britain to work and settle, they are entitled to work, they pay taxes and create jobs all whilst adding diversity to the cultural miasma that is Great Britain. Refugees don’t. They don’t come to Britain to work, they have no right to work, can’t pay taxes and are an active drain on the exchequer and, whilst they do still add diversity to our nation, they’ve come to Britain because they literally have nowhere else to go. Their homes have been bombed, their towns levelled and their lives thrown into turmoil, all to subjugate the wills of genocidal mad men and violent fundamentalists."

If sarky political commentary is your kind of thing, check it out!

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