Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Child's Play

We even made it on to the front page! (kind of)

I had a call yesterday from Hayley Mills who works for the South Wales Argus, our local paper. She was writing a piece on how baby friendly Torfaen is and wanted some comments. Before I had a baby it riled me somewhat that everything in Torfaen seemed geared towards pensioners or families with young children (what with those dreaded words advertising any and every event, 'family fun'). Now I'm a mum myself I recognise that that's not entirely true, but there are still lots of things to do and places to go with a baby.

I sent in this photo my mum took a couple of weeks ago at Greenmeadow Farm.

Cwmbran is particularly well geared towards people with babies - as a new town it was designed for the purpose. There are play parks, playgroups, and a pedestrian only town centre. The housing estate where I live, Northville, was literally built to make life easier for mothers. It has nice wide pavements for prams, but narrow roads and hardly any parking because, let's face it, who in the early 1950s could have foreseen a world in which almost every household would own a car, and some would own two, three or even more? Not that parking is a problem for us - we couldn't afford a car even if I could drive. The bus is great with a baby anyway. Probably not in a busy city or something, but here you're 99% certain of a good seat and somebody willing to pull faces and entertain the baby while you stare out of the window and dream about sleep... 

There was more, but it wasn't about us...

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