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Complete Guide to Tonner Sindy

Guide to Tonner Sindy Doll

Sindy is to the UK what Barbie is to the USA. From her introduction in 1963 until the early 1990s, Sindy was the British girl's doll of choice. When Barbie became serious competition in the 90s Sindy tried to look more like the opposition - and earned herself a lawsuit for her trouble. She traded hands from Pedigree to Hasbro to Vivid Imaginations to New Moons, before finding herself consigned to the old stock resellers. But. Her 50th anniversary in 2013 inspired renewed interest, including the Sindy Makeover Competition I was part of, and Tonner took on the task of re-imagining the popular Pedigree era Sindy.

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Tonner made the announcement on their blog in October 2012: Tonner will be recreating the 1972 Trendy Girl Sindy and develop original and modern clothing styles to accompany the doll. “We are really looking forward to bringing Sindy into the Tonner fold,” said Robert Tonner. “As a huge doll collector myself, it is quite a dream come true to be able to work with such an iconic name in the world of collectibles such as Sindy.” At the UK Sindy convention in July 2013 (while searching for pics, etc, I was shocked to stumble across myself!) the initial sketches were revealed:

In January 2014 Tonner released a sneak peek of the prototype dolls. Another preview from June 2014, in the run up to the 2014 SindyCon:

The doll second from left is Spring Gala, a limited edition of 100 pieces created exclusively for the 2014 SindyCon (26th - 27th July). She retailed for £155 and received mixed response from the Sindy collecting community - most of whom are much more used to playline prices!

Spring Gala - 100 pieces - £155.

Tonner used the Wilde Imagination convention in 2014 to drum up interest in their Sindy line among their US customers, a hard ask as Sindy had only spent a couple of years on general retail in the States in the late 1970s and early 80s. Halloween Treat Sindy is by far my favourite of the Tonner Sindys, and originally retailed for $95 (about £63). But she was a limited edition of 225 and by the time she made it across the pond the sale price had upped to £125, which is just more than I'm willing to pay. *sigh*

Halloween Treat - 225 pieces - $95.

On September 18th 2014 Tonner announced the US Sindy launch via their blog, scheduled for September 24th. The launch line up were:

Just Sindy (chestnut) - 1000 pieces - $69.99 / £89.95.
There's a full review of this doll HERE. You can also see her in a gorgeous photo shoot at the Dolldom blog HERE.

Summer Fun - 750 pieces - $99.99 / £129.

Bridal Bliss - 750 pieces - $124.99 / £159.

Dance Party (Outfit Only) - 500 pieces - $59.99 / £54.99.

Ballet Spotlight (Outfit Only) - 500 pieces - $69.99 / £58.99.

Chill in the Air - 500 pieces - $74.99 / £57.99.

February 2015. Vintage Sindy lamented that the prototype 'Sweet Dreams' hadn't yet made it into production, and included it in their style guide:

May 29th - 31st 2015 saw the Tonner convention in Dallas, Texas. There was an accompanying Sindy, of course:

TV Dream - 225 pieces - $109 / £119.

June 19th 2015. Vintage Sindy gave us a Sneak Peek of the upcoming releases:

August 1st 2015. UK Sindy Convention (lovely write up of the day HERE at mydollroom). Check out the convention exclusive:

Sindy on the Red Carpet - 100 pieces - £155.

Tonner's summer Sindy line up went live in August. The prices are for Tonner Online (dollars) and Retrodolls (pounds), but you could also buy the dolls at Harrods. [Note: This time around Tonner opted to root the eyelashes rather than glue, hopefully resolving the lash loss problem afflicting the first wave of dolls.]:

Just Sindy (blonde) - 1000 pieces - $69.99 / £74.
You can also get the 'Just Sindy Blonde Collection', the doll bundled with the three separate outfits for $214.99 / £230.

Just Sindy (Redhead) - 1000 pieces - $69.99 / £74.
You could also get the 'Just Sindy Redhead Collection', the doll bundled with the three separate outfits for $214.99 / £230.

Perfect Day - 750 pieces - $79.99 / £99.

Urban Safari - 750 pieces - $109.99 / £133.

Just Like a Princess - 750 pieces - $124.99 / £120.

Sindy's Sun Shower (Outfit Only) - 500 pieces - $49.99 / £65.

Ship Shape (Outfit Only) - 500 pieces - $59.99 / £74.
Love the shoes from this outfit, so cute!

Casual Saturday (Outfit Only) - 500 pieces - $74.99 / £70.

Tonner's licence to produce Sindy dolls came to an end in March 2016, and they decided not to renew. I'm sorry to see them go!

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  1. I wish Tonner would do shoe packs for Sindy.

    1. That would be so cool! She has suffered the plastic slip-on mules for far too long. :)

    2. Great guide, thank you! What a shame Tonner didn't renew the license.

  2. Fascinating, especially as it seems that when Tonner didn't review the licence the UK supermarket chain Tesco bought it and has revived the Sindy name for an 18" child doll released in autumn 2016.

    The 18" doll format is not that well known in the UK though it is growing, I think. The UK media that reported on the new incarnation of Sindy didn't mention that Tonner had had the licence and basically said Sindy had been unavailable for the last decade or so.

  3. I guess in part, Robert was shutting down his Tonner doll company altogether to partner in a new high end doll venture. I really like the Tonner Sindy line.

    That Tesco Sindy is basically the new generation doll with Sindy's logo slapped on it. What a shame.

  4. Great guide, love the sketches.

  5. I have the Sweet Deams fashion but it has a tiny pillow and pillow case instead of the teddy bear.


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