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Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

Caped and top-hatted man walks down a Victorian east end London street
The popular image of Jack.

When it comes to True Crime and Whodunnits Jack the Ripper is the ultimate mystery. The first serial killer to capture the public's imagination, 'Saucy Jack's' tally is generally recognised as five - though can range from anywhere between one and over twenty. He's been an educated aristocrat, an immigrant butcher, a famous social reformer, and even a scorned woman. His so-called 'Autumn of Terror' was played out against a backdrop of political intrigue, social unrest, and the rising star of the tabloid press. Today there are hundreds of books, films, plays, along with regular periodicals publishing new research into the case.

Read my full introduction to the Ripper HERE.

Murder in Miller's Court and Dorset Street

Dorset Street was known as 'the worst street in London' and Miller's Court, a dark, enclosed cluster of tiny cottages accessed via a passageway between #26 and #27 Dorset Street was definitely a chip of the old block. Here are some posts I've written about other murders committed in the area.

 The Willful Murder of Eliza Roberts. (26 Dorset Str, 1898)
Midnight Tragedy: The Murder of 'Poor Kitty' Roman. (12 Miller's Court, 1909)
The Murder That Never Was. (Miller's Court, 1926)


Jack London.

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