Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sindy is Back!

Exciting news from the team over at Vintage Sindy:

 As it's our birthday today we thought that it would be a great day to announce some exciting plans for Sindy next year. Some of you might remember that we had hoped to re-launch a play line in time for her 50th anniversary but sadly it was not to be. 

The good news is that Karen Colley and I ( Denise Deane ) are now working with Pedigree to launch a new play range Sindy in October next year. 

This photo of four OOAK dolls ( they are not production ) are our launch line up - and there will also be two separates available. The dolls will cost around £25 with separates at £15.00. 

We really will be relying on all of you to support the project because although Pedigree has given us full backing and funding, the retailers have yet to agree to sell the dolls and lots of you will know how tough a job this can be! So your help will be vital in making the re-launch a success by helping us to spread the word - exciting times!

It would be nice to see the Sindy brand back in the UK (they sell a fairly wide range in Turkey still, but it's difficult to find people willing to ship to the UK). Especially if they reproduce Sindy furniture. It was always the best.

(If that's too long to wait for your Sindy fix, check out my Complete Guide to Paul and Guide to Sindy Houses.)


  1. This is really cool news! I've only recently renewed my interest in my old 80s Sindy dolls - the original Sindy is pretty different from Barbie, and I can definitely imagine she'd fill an empty spot in the market today.

    1. She's got all the nostalgia value without the negative press Barbie gets when it comes to dolls for younger kids. And more character than Steffi Love. She could do well! *fingers crossed*


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