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Sixth Scale Laundry

Guide to 1/6th Scale Laundry
Because even dolls can't escape wash day. There are lots of 1/12 scale options out there (though the Miele miniature is the best, trust me), but finding something in 1/6 scale which isn't made out of pink plastic is a harder task.

* All pictures found via Google Images, I claim no ownership. *


1970s. Karosel Kitchen by Sears.

1990. Pink Sparkles Washer and Dryer.

1995. So Much To Do Laundry Room.

2002. Wash 'n' Wear.

2012. Spin to Clean.

2013. Glam Laundry Room.

2015. My Style Laundry.

Ken Doll and Laundry Playset
2019. Ken and Laundry Playset.



Modern Comfort
Pink and yellow.

Blue and white. 


2006. Daily Living Department. (Also available in blue colourway.)

2005. Drugstore.

2005. Petite Consumer Electronics (also available in blue).

1968. Washday Set. Check out the catalogue pages HERE and HERE.

1978. Washday Set. See the catalogue page HERE.

1980. Top Loading Washing Machine.

Marx Top Loader.

1983. Kitchen with integrated washing machine.

1984. Spring Clean Set. Updated colours for the rotary line and accessories.

1986. The kitchen unit undergoes a revamp, becoming a washer and dryer unit. The Spring Clean Set underwent a colour change, but lost the rotary line.

Lelia Dream Laundry.
Washing Machine.

IMCO Pink.

IMCO Blue.

IMCO Brown.

Just Kidz.

Lucia Rakuten Shop - see HERE.

For more like this, please click the image below:
Sixth Scale Household Items

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