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Follow Back: Social Media Management

Last week I set up Klout and, while that's still very much a mystery, it did make me think about my 'social media reach' and other things which had never before darkened my cerebral cortex. According to all the articles I've read on the subject I need to interact more, post quality over quantity, and try not to forget my password for months at a time...

Here's a quick guide to how to optimise your social media accounts, and how close I am to practicing what I preach:

Follow me @jess__powell.

Twitter is good for updates, news, and letting the world know your opinion on currently broadcasting TV shows. You can follow up to 2,000 accounts without any problems, but then you have to wait for more people to follow you before you can return the favour. If you're about to hit your follow limit, use ManageFlitter to weed out inactive accounts and Friend or Follow to see accounts which don't follow you back and are, therefore, potential cull victims.

I use my Twitter primarily for comping, and I follow back all individual / comping / blog accounts. My Twitter pledge is to be a little more active and try out HootSuite to make that task easier.

Follow me as Starrrz.

Tumblr, at least to my mind, is the 'no pressure' social network. You just post and repost pretty pictures, random facts, cool tips, etc, and never have to interact beyond that if you don't want to - without feeling like Billy No Mates. If you are looking to increase your numbers, just search 'follow back' or something similar to find like-minded people. Tumblr has a total follow limit of 5,000 (with an additional limit of 200 per day) and, after that, you have to scroll through your follow list to remove inactive accounts or use something like Stalkr to find users who have unfollowed you. Never take it too personally on tumblr, it's fluid like that.

My tumblr blog is a mish mash of comping, blog updates, and whatever I'm interested in that day. I currently have 492 followers and follow back all active blogs. My tumblr pledge is to just keep doing what I've always done!

Follow me @plastigffantastig.

Instagram is all about looking cool, so it stands to reason that it's not one of my most used networks. ;) There is a follow limit of 7,500 so use Friend or Follow and Iconosquare to manage your account. If you're looking for more followers, search 'follow back' and similar. You can also search 'like for like' to increase the activity on your account.

I mostly use Instagram for comping and posting pictures of Marianna. My Instagram pledge is to enter an Instagram competition a day. It might not help up my follower count, but it will certainly increase my chances of winning something!

Follow me as babiafi.

Pinterest is a platform for finding and sharing ideas - if you need something to do, you're sure to find a project or 2,000 on Pinterest. There is a follow limit of 50,000 so you would have to put some serious effort in for it to become a problem. You can search 'follow back' if you want to get off the starting block in a hurry, but really you just need to start posting to Pinterest and people will find you - just as you will find people who post stuff you find interesting. Click HERE for a range of Pinterest tools which might prove useful.

Again, I mostly use Pinterest for comping, but I also have various boards of random things I find interesting. My Pinterest pledge is to work on my seasonal boards.

Like my blog page Babi a Fi.

Facebook needs no introduction. There is a like / friend limit of 5,000, after that you have to operate on a 'one in one out' policy. You can also use HootSuite to help manage your account.

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Facebook and for years just used a second account for comping, uncaring of how vocally Facebook forbids such an activity. It's only been in the last two months or so that I've started actually using Facebook properly again. I set up a page for the blog and so far have 157 likers. I can only follow back pages but as a regular user you will earn my undying gratitude as a consolation prize.

Follow me at Babi a Fi.

Bloglovin' is essentially a blog management tool which also serves as proof of your popularity - or lack thereof. My bloglovin' pledge is to get out there and start following blogs I'm interested in.

Follow me as Jessica Powell.

Google+ is Google's attempt at a social network. What the point of it is exactly, beyond serving as a profile hub for all your Google accounts, is a bit of mystery. Still, social networks are a numbers game and nobody wants to be left behind. My g+ pledge is to work out what it's all about!

What is your favourite social media network? Which one do you need to do the most work on?

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  1. I use all of these except Tumblr. Twitter is by far my favourite but I really enjoy Pinterest too :) #myfavouritepost

    1. I'm getting more and more into Pinterest - so many cool ideas, so little time (and, in my case, patience!). :)


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