Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Photo-Love, April 14th 1979

April 14th 1979 issue of Photo-Love magazine. There's a 'complete photo-novel' about a girl who meets a boy, but her dad beats her and calls her a slut. All because he's been lonely since his wife walked out on him. (I wonder why?) There's a true confession story about a girl who pretended her boyfriend's dad was trying it on - because the boyfriend wouldn't marry her. It's all topped off with an in-depth look at gastric ulcers. Oh, to be a 20-something in 1979.

The problem pages are always my favourites in these magazines. The best is their advice to a trained social worker who is out of work and riling at being treated as her other half's 'unpaid housekeeper'. "You're in the same position as  a lot of married women - depending on your man coming home at the end of the week with his wage packet. That's a perfectly acceptable state of affairs - it has been for hundreds of years." I bet that cheered her right up!

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