Saturday, 10 October 2015

Welcome to the Lollipop House

A final pack of multicoloured lollipop sticks arrived in the post so I could finish off what we've come to call the lollipop house. It started life as a Chad Valley Design-a-Boutique Playset. My mum picked two up on sale for £4.99 and gave me the spare one.


Since then it's taken blood, sweat and tears (or, at least, lots of lollipop sticks, buttons and pva glue) to turn that into this:

Front view.

Side view.

The walls were papered in embossed doll house wallpaper - see HERE for details. The inside also underwent a transformation, going from this:

To this:

I used the middle bits of the lollipop sticks as floorboards, and plastic doll house tiles for the walls. (They were reused from an earlier 1970s kitchen diorama.) The final touches were a couple of shelves for the walls from my 1/12 scale stash and a window seat made of cardboard and self-adhesive craft fabric, cut to fit into the bottom of the bay window. 
Overall I'm really pleased with the results. The roof shingling isn't perfect by any means, but I think it adds to the charm. It's going to be home to my miniature Frankie Stein doll and the pose skeletons. So expect to see it featuring in plenty of future miniature review posts! :)


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