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You Know You Were a [UK] 90s Kid When...

You Know You Were a UK 90s Kid When...

1. You were there before the reboots.

Fireman Sam 

2. This was a perfectly acceptable haircut. It wasn't being ironic.

3. There was only one game show worth watching.


 4. You knew all the moves to this. 


 5. This.

6. And this. 

7. Your parents kept telling you about how yo-yos were cool when they were your age. You knew they were lying. Your parents had never been your age.

8. There was only one doctor.

9. Though he wasn't much defence against the modern plague - mad cow disease.

10. You didn't need social media to know what your favourite celebs were up to. 

11. Barbie looked like this yet you totally idolised her.

12. You couldn't understand why your parents refused to sign up for this.

13. These may be gone, but they're not forgotten.

14. Staying up late meant this.

15. You didn't speak to your mum for days after she killed your tamagotchi. You wanted to stay home and care for it but, no, she claimed your education was more important.

16. Saturday night meant this

17. And this.


18. This was all the bling you needed.

19. Your favourite songs didn't bother to veil their drug references.

20. The game play in this just blew you away!

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  1. Noel's House Party, Crystal Maze and Blind Date - the great TV. I miss them. As for Sonic...I think I wasted many an hour playing that. Can I go back in time please?

    1. My other half just informed me Sonic sucked and it was all about Mario... I feel playground warfare coming on! :)

  2. The best telly shows were in the 90's! My mummy loved Blind Date and Noel's House Party :) good times good memories #TheList thanks for sharing x

    1. I'm sure she will indoctrinate you into all the best 90s telly too ;)

  3. Very true! Loved the Crystal Maze. Was very confused when I first saw the Rocky Horror Show (what the hell is Crystal Maze man doing?? Wait, Crystal Maze WROTE this?!). #thelist

    1. Hehe :D I was really shocked recently when I found out he's 73 now! He doesn't look it at all.

  4. Love this, yes the Crystal Maze was the best programme, Awesome! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

    1. It was always my dream to go on (and win, of course) :)

  5. Ahh memories. Saturday morning were always about Going Live and then Live & Kicking! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. I loved Live & Kicking - those were the days! :)

  6. This is too funny love going through memory lane. lol Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round up and hope you have been enjoying the blog hop. #sharewithme

    1. Thanks for having me! I've been feeling a bit nostalgic the last few weeks, must be all those documentaries about 90s telly on. :)

  7. This.Is.Brilliant. All of them apply to me apart from Sonic the Hedgehog. Thanks for the reminders! Becky x #ShareWithMe

  8. Oh this takes me back! Nick Carter was always my favourite Backstreet Boy!x

  9. This has just been a great trip down memory lane... I say great, I am a bit ashamed of some of the hairstyles (not Richard O Brien, obv). Wonder why ringpops aren't a thing anymore?? Thanks for joining #chucklemums and thanks for the memories!

  10. Love this. There was one doctor. Then he got convicted!


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