Wednesday, 25 November 2015

My First Media Kit

Everything you need to create 'my first media kit'

All the cool kids (well, blogs) have one so, naturally, I had to get one too...

What is a Media Kit?

A Media or Press Kit is basically an introduction to your blogging brand. Normally one to two sides of A4, it sums up what you are about - and what you have to offer potential collaborators.

What Should It Include?

At its most basic, a media kit should include an up-to-date photo, a short bio, and preferred contact details. Your blog logo or header, what you're looking for from those reading it - advertising, review opportunities, sponsored posts, etc - and your social media statistics are also must haves. When it comes to the latter, don't feel you have to include every network you're signed up to. Pick and choose which ones show off you and your blog to its best advantage.

Other good ideas of things to feature are your blog traffic figures (monthly page views and unique monthly visitors), your DA (Domain Authority), and your reader demographics. You can cull all that info from Google Analytics and

Media kit checklist

As your blog becomes more established, you might also want to include awards you've won, your media appearances, and the other brands you have worked with. You don't really want your kit to run to more than one or two sides of A4 however, so you could create a separate 'price guide' to include as and when you see fit.

Ideally, you should update it each month, and provide a PDF download link on your contact page or similar.

How Do I Get One?

The easiest way is to make your own. I used Canva, the free online graphic design platform, and used my blog banner and background to create a template. The great thing about Canva is that you can go back in and edit at any time, and save in .jpg, .png and .pdf formats. The .pdf format also allows you to put clickable links into your kit.

my media kit template
My media kit template.

There are also websites out there specifically geared towards creating media kits. Zine, for instance, just asks you to fill out a form, link up your social media, and it will provide live data, including audience demographics. (So far I've found Zine to be very glitchy, but I'm sure they will keep improving over the coming months.)

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  1. Very professional. I love picmonkey. To be honest I have not made a media kit yet for Crushingcinders - don't want to admit how few followers I have right now... working on that :) Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you! :) Picmonkey is my go to for most things - it's excellent considering it's free. I don't think I'm following you yet! (so one more coming, at least :)

    2. Your media kit is brilliant and your stats are impressive - well done you! I need to make one but it is quite low down on my list of things to do. Thanks for reminding me. Thanks also for linking up to #findtribe

    3. Aw, thank you! :3 I did try before but my computer crashed and all my faffing with the layout was lost... it took a while before I could work up the motivation to have another go!

  2. ah this is brilliant, it's something I've been meaning to do for a few months now but have put it off because I'm not very creative with graphics and wondered where the hell to start! Thanks for the info xx

    1. So glad it was useful! I was so lost at first with it x

  3. great post! I personally think It's better to use sites like zine or because you can benefit from the additional exposure these sites generate that you normally wouldn't get by distributing your own media kit. With that said, brands often see a well designed media kit as the first checkmark in their list if you are a credible influencer. So my real recommendation is to use sites and also have a pdf well designed copy for yourself.


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