Sunday, 27 December 2015

Blast From The Past

I thought that my old blogs were long gone, lost to all but the wayback machine, then I discovered a Dreamwidth account from 2012. The posts were mostly about music, randomness, and fandom stuff. I sent the blog to the big recycling bin in the sky, but I saved a sampling of posts for your delectation. I used to be much more... excitable.

I am on a major Austen kick right now, something I blame entirely on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. If you haven't seen it yet, why not??

gif of Lizzie and Jane from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Jane (so beautiful!) and Lizzie Bennet.
In other news, I've found my fave 50 Shades spoof, '50 Shades of Newport Chav':

I asked Dwayne about his children. Their names were Bettws, Lliswerry, Somerton and Alway. When I asked why he had named his children after places in Newport, he explained that each child was named after the place where they has been conceived, like all the celebrities do these days…this guy is so sentimental! I instantly felt an emotional bond with Dwayne. He went on to explain that after each child was born he had shop lifted each of them a gold bracelet from Warren James. What a lovely father. I asked Dwayne about his relationship with his children and he told me ‘baby mamas won’t let me av contact coz she finks I do weed and roids innit…told her I only does it most days not all of um like’. This poor guy was so misunderstood. xD

Five tracks to make it through the horror that is Monday ~

Y.O.L.O. - The Lonely Island. I love those guys.
Euphoria - Loreen. We are here, we're all alone in our universe. We are free, where everything's allowed and love comes first.
Underpass - John Foxx. Standing in the dark. Watching you glow. Lifting the receiver. Nobody I know. 1979 - 1981 is like my spiritual home when it comes to music.
Silver Moon - Donkeyboy. I put this night into a picture frame. I guess it's me, the only one to blame. 
✰ Finally insaneboingo just introduced me to Spectrum by Zedd. Can't. Stop. Listening.

Also, there was a mention of it on FFA and I just spent like an hour reading about the infamous LotR fandom saga in which money was scammed, threats were sent, and living spirits were channelled. I just, seriously. I'd heard about it but I never realised it was quite so WTF worthy!

one direction with captions
1D through the eyes of someone old enough to know better. xD

✰ How often do you listen to music? 
Most of the time. My iPod goes everywhere with me, and I usually have it on in the background if I'm working.

✰ Do you ever listen to the radio? What is your favourite station? 
I do, indeed! My usual stations are 1Xtra (r'n'b, dancehall, dubstep, grime, etc) or Kiss (same but with more dance). I listen to Radio One quite a bit too 'cos it's the easiest to pick up, but it is a bit daddish. And has Fearne Cotton, who I can't stand.

✰ How do you find new songs, albums, or artists to listen to? 
Recs from family and friends, searching for blogs on genres I know I like (eg. synthpop), picking a random country and youtubing their current top 40...

✰ When was the last time you bought a CD? A digital music file? 
I bought a bassline compilation, like, last year. ...I've never paid for a digital music file.

✰ Link up 5 songs everyone should listen to. 
I could pick out some songs that would make you think, make you smile, make you cry... Instead have 5 tracks I'm listening to a lot at the moment:

1. Von Allein - Culcha Candela.
2. Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye (Matt Harris acapella version).
3. How Could You Walk Away - Niche Remix.
4. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift.
5. Bruk it Down - Mr. Vegas.


Today I was chatting about what it would have been like if boyband frenzies of yesteryear could have been played out on the internet. I mean, I'm not totally ancient, the internet was around when I first discovered the joys of boyband fever. My bedroom walls were plastered in pictures of Sean and Scott from 5ive, and I remained devoted to A1 (best known today for causing a stampede that killed four teenage girls in Indonesia) until I discovered the wonderful world of metal at 13. Backstreet Boys and N*Sync fandom prove it was totally possible to find hundreds of badly designed fan pages in the same time frame. 

But, pah, none of that lot really inspired mania. Not like Rollermania. Yes, today was spent imagining a world where Tumblr was alive with gifs and grammatically awkward odes to everyone's favourite Scottish Rollers. Just think about it. It would have been beautiful.

Bay City Rollers
Five specimens of perfect manhood.

Lol. If you ever manage to unsee that, why not share who was your first (or current!) boyband love?

I just bought a CD for the first time in about three years! And, okay, I bought it on Amazon rather than in an actual shop but, still. The amazement stands. It's Draw Dros y Mynydd by Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog. (I've liked them for ages, but now I've actually parted with cash for them it's clearly a full blown obsession.) Song rec: Llanw Ucha Erioed / The Highest Ever Tide.

I've not included improving my Welsh on my list of New Year's Resolutions in the hope reverse psychology will see me actually pick up some new vocab... I've got this weekend free so I'm going to sit down with my diary and work out timetables for the next month or so. Catching up with Pobol y Cwm is totally a real appointment that needs to go in there - along with 'checking Tumblr for pug gifs' and 'posting random shit to DW / LJ'.

In other news I've been listening to a weird mixture of Marina and the Diamonds and Steeleye Span all day. Marina might think she's kooky, but just check out Maddy Prior singing about 700 Elves. That's what drugs made you do in the 70s.

my petit canard


  1. My first boyband love is in that photo! Woody from the Bay City Rollers - I know I don't look old enough...sadly I am but at the time I was only 5! (he's the middle one in your photo but in my defence if I'd seen that photo it may not have been him!)

    Current and always since 2007 is Jason Orange ;)

    1. Hehe, it's not the most flattering photo, is it! Though I do love that jumper with the yellow trim and flowers on the guy next to him, I'd wear it. My dad always used to complain that my nan made him go out to play in his sister's hand-me-down Roller trousers. :D

      Jason Orange is rather nice... I'm not sure who I'd make my pin-up these days. I'll have to watch some music TV for research purposes. :)

  2. Wow, what a blast from a past this post is - perfectly titled! I better it made you smile reading this post. I love looking back on the things I used to write and remembering where I was in my life at the time :-). Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

    1. It really does - it's amazing how words can take you right back to another time and place. x

  3. I do wonder if anyone pays for music these days, my kids just seam to listen to things on some sort of live streaming. Loving the blast from the past photo #MarvMonday

    1. I know - it's not so long ago I had thousands of CDs. Now I just have a memory stick and a YouTube playlist...


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