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Mountfield: Kitchen

So far I've planned out the living room and dining room, this week it's the turn of the kitchen...

Building the Mountfield Doll House

Last year I did a post on what my dream kitchen would look like, so that will be my basic guide for the Mountfield kitchen. But the kitchen is the heart of the home so there is a lot of stuff which needs to go in there. I'd totally love any input on bits and bobs you think should be in a 70s kitchen, and all the products which they'd be buying!

First things first, layout. The back wall of the kitchen will be blocked in, save for a serving hatch. Kitchen cupboards will run underneath it. I want the sink to go under a window, because that was standard house design at the time, so I'm going to put in a window on the side wall. The wall that comes off to grant access will get its window transformed into a back door. I'm also going to put a door on the front of that under-stairs area and turn it into the pantry. That way I'll be able to display all my miniature food packaging. :)

Mountfield doll house
Mountfield promo pic, showing the kitchen.
So, onto things I need in the kitchen.

✩ Light Fitting. I'm really not sure what style to go for yet, suggestions welcome!
✩ Fridge. I'm getting the Miele miniature one.
✩ Washing Machine. Again, I'm going for the Miele one. It does look quite modern but it lights up and makes a washing noise, and who can resist that?
✩ Floor Tiles. They do little plastic tiles which I've used before and found to be brill. I'm torn between orange and white, or orange and black.
✩ Wallpaper. Check out my choice -

flower wallpaper
I've bought this wallpaper from Poppets Dolly Bits.

✩ Baking Trays & Tins.
✩ Cutlery.
 Kitchen Knives.
✩ Cooker. Miele do a lovely light up cooker, but it's just too modern. I want a gas cooker with a high grill pan and all the rest of the trappings. I'll have to trawl the net...
✩ Sink.
✩ Kitchen Cupboards. My idea of perfect kitchen units is along the lines of this Dairy Maid set up from 1969. The best way forward, I think, will be to make my own. For the worktops I'll get some thin white acrylic. :)

1969 Dainty Maid orange and white kitcen

 Swing Bin.
 Bread Bin.
✩ Tea Towels.
 Weighing Scales.
 Saucepans. I'm planning on just getting the bog standard metal set all doll house suppliers do, and painting them.

patterned saucepans

 Tea Pot.
 Casserole Dish.
 Cruet Set.
 Sugar, Tea and Coffee Caddies.
 Tea Tray.
 Tea Set. This will probably end up costing me a fortune because I'm so picky about the cup handles being true to scale (mini ceramic is often way too thick for the size of the cup). I'd love a mock Staffordshire set, ideally.

Staffordshire Potteries coffee cups, saucers and side plates

 Measuring Jug.
 Glass Jug.
 Gravy Boat.
 Mixing Bowls.

vintage tupperware

 Dinner Service.
 Wooden Spoon.
 Potato Masher.
 Serving Spoons.
 Cheese Grater. I've got an awesome hexagonal one from the Doll House Mall.

I have high hopes that it will look fairly realistic; when I wrote my dream kitchen post I used a photo of my 1/6 scale Sindy kitchen as the background for my pinnable image. (It's like blogger law to have one of those, or something.) Then somebody commented on my FB page that, while it wasn't their style, I was lucky to have such a big kitchen! :D

My Dream Kitchen

Cuddle FairyHome Etc


  1. Ah love all the kitchen wear it is all so cute, I still have a kitchen in my stables but it is tradition with a range cooker, I love it, in fact I would love my real kitchen to be like it x

    1. That sounds awesome! I really love bright and colourful kitchenwear - my OH argues though that as he does most of the cooking, I can't make him suffer colour while doing it! x

  2. That wallpaper is amazing! And I love that you can get hold of all those accessories! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Isn't it? I saw it and was like, yes, that's the one! :)

  3. Omg I love it, it is absolutely gorgeous and so retro X

  4. I love the attention to detail - it will be perfect! Love the wallpaper, and the Tupperware - takes me right back in time! #HomeEtc

    1. Fingers crossed! :D I love retro tupperware, it just makes me want to smile. x

  5. Ah the Tupperware, the hot summers of the late 79's has just come flooding back to me. I love it all especially the wallpaper and the kitchen units. I think we had a really harsh florecent strip light fitting and I remember a neighbour being very impressed with the brightness - no mood lighting for my mother ha! X

    1. Oh my gosh, now you've said that I remember my nan having strip lighting in her kitchen. I'm sure you can get it in miniature too - I think I've found my lighting! :)

  6. This is the best thing ever!!!! Go with orange and white — I think black will be really heavy in such a small space. Loving the Tupperware Jess! Cannot WAIT to see this once it's all finished!!!! Thanks so much for linking up lovely! #HomeEtc

    PS — I cannot actually believe that you can get hexagonal dolls house sized cheese graters!!!!!

    1. I think you're right - I want it to be a nice, bright space. :D I was hoping to make a start with putting it together this week but I've had such a bad cold it's been a total no go! Still, I can sit and plan it out all the same.

      I *love* the Doll House Mall, they have such cool stuff. I bought the tiniest little paperclips at the same time and they're just amazing!

  7. I am so so impressed! And a little envious too. Glad I found you via #HomeEtc x

  8. I am so so impressed! And a little envious too. Glad I found you via #HomeEtc x

  9. Love the look of the wall paper and all 70s homes came with a serving hatch!! I think orange and white for the floor how about curtains? Or one of those metal blinds? I am sure it will look fantastic when it is finished. Thanks for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week

    1. I'm definitely siding with orange and white now - and ooh, I'd forgotten about curtains!

  10. SO colourful and I really dig the orange. Go for it and I cannot wait to hear more :) Thanks for linking up, love Jess xx


    1. :D I just love things to be bright and colourful x

  11. Oh my goodness, more beauties!! Where do you source everything, I had NO idea there was so much available in miniature size it's amazing! X #HomeEtc

    1. It's come on so much in recent years, you can get almost anything these days! (My bank balance isn't so much of a fan though! lol)


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