Monday, 4 January 2016

Photo-Love, April 7th 1979

This week's scan is the second issue of Photo-Love, from April 7th 1979. I love the 'complete photo-novel' in this issue, for all its overwrought tragedy, though the letters page is quite depressing. 'He's so jealous and possessive, it scares me,' says one reader, while another writes 'I know he loves me and our unborn child but he keeps beating me up when he's drunk. Don't tell me to leave him as my family disowned me when they found out he was already married and I really love him.' Who wouldn't, eh?

You can read the magazine via Yumpu:


  1. Oh, off for a trip down memory lane! We used to read these every week!

    1. I love the photo stories - they should bring them back! :)


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