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Squirrel Appreciation Day

January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day in the USA, and I see no reason why we in the UK shouldn't join in the fun!

January 21st is Squirrel Appreciation Day

As a kid my number one ambition was to be a squirrel. I'd stick a scarf, or a belt, or a tie down the back of tights and jump around the furniture in the living room pretending to be one. Forget your Iggle Piggle's and your Peppa Pigs, my favourite show on the ol' gogglebox was Daylight Robbery 2 - a BBC documentary about squirrels presented by Dr. Jessica Holme. The fact we shared a name only encouraged me to insist we watch the video of it at least twice a day.

Eventually somebody taped horse racing over the squirrel assault course and, eventually, I stopped wanting to be a rodent. I still think they're adorable though. So, to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day, here are ten facts about our nutty friends:

There are over 200 species of squirrel.
 The smallest squirrel is the African Pygmy which is just five inches long.
 The biggest is the Indian Giant at three feet long.
 Squirrels can swim.
 And some can fly! Or glide, at any rate.

A few, like Twiggy, can even water ski!

American Grey squirrels were introduced to the UK in the 1870s. They quickly decimated the native red squirrel population - today there are less than 100,000 reds to over 2.5 million greys.
For this reason UK grey squirrels are considered vermin and can be killed humanely - if you catch one it is illegal to release it back into the wild.
Still, increasing numbers of restaurants are putting grey squirrels on their menus.
Apparently, they taste like rabbit 'but sweeter'.
On a happier note (for the squirrels), a squirrel nest is called a 'drey' and in the US baby squirrels are usually called 'pups'.

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  1. This post is nuts ;) Do ya see what I did there! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  2. I love that there is a squirrel appreciation day! The Toddler was chased by a squirrel last year. That was pretty funny. #fridayfrolics

    1. Aw, bless! (It does sound kind of hilarious though!) I just love squirrels, I think they're so cute. x

  3. Haha I think I love you a bit more since finding out you wanted to be a squirrel. I think they are lovely too :) #AnimalTales

    1. xD Most kids have lofty aims, like being an astronaut, or a doctor, or a fireman. I was just like, nope, it's a squirrel or nothing!

  4. I would love to see a 3 foot squirrel! & I would REALLY like to see Stella's reaction to one! Love this :)

  5. We have a squirrel nest in our back garden. They seem to like to tease our dogs!

  6. no squirrels in Dubai, saw black ones in Canada last year and I mean jet black, never heard of them before

    1. I've never seen a black one, they sound really cool!

  7. Lovely post and some great facts there - especially Twiggy the water-skiing squirrel! In France there are no grey squirrels and I got ridiculous excited when I first saw a red one just down the road ... in fact they are very common here and we see them often ... but I still get excited. I also love getting a little bit of my own back on French friends who are amused when I speak French in my English accent - you should hear them trying to say squirrel LOL. Revenge!!!
    Many thanks for joining in with #AnimalTales :)

    1. That is so cool - I mean, I love all squirrels, but the reds are definitely my favourite! When I was at uni there were always squirrels in the trees outside the library, so I used to like watching them in lieu of studying.

      Hehe, that's great about the language too. I imagine it is a pretty weird sound to try and make for a lot of people! :)


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