Saturday, 20 February 2016

Getting My Hands Dirty!

On Friday we all helped out at a big community litter pick in Northville. I blogged about the first one we did, back last summer, and you could see the big boost in engagement since then - there were about four or five times as many people this week! A group of lads from Itec Cwmbran came to lend a hand, one of Torfaen Council's waste management officer brought a load of leaflets and recycling wheels along, and Bron Afon helped organise the skips and cover the publicity side of things.

It's so fab that there is a community group driving this because, as you can imagine, if a councillor suggests a litter pick the only response is: 'I pay my council tax, why doesn't the council do it!?!' I've written before about the realities of council tax but, basically, the council isn't your mum. Torfaen CBC does a basic street cleanse every fortnight - picking up some 1600 tonnes of litter a year - but they're not going to be there every time some lazy sod can't be bothered to walk a few extra feet to the litter bin. What a community litter pick can do is sweep a number of streets, much more closely, at the same time, so you can really see a bright and shiny 'before and after' difference. Which will hopefully encourage people not to just dump all the same junk back again...

Northville Community Litter Pick Group Photo
Group photo! Credit: Northville Community Facebook Group.

Anyway, back to Friday. Anthony had the grabber, and I brought my own gloves because I'm a sad act like that. We picked up empty pop bottles, snack wrappers, broken glass galore and even a couple of condoms. From the middle of a residential street, and all. After the pick everyone reconvened at the skip amnesty point where the collected litter and dropped off waste filled three skips.

All of the 120-odd trolleys abandoned over the estate were rounded up and wheeled into Cwmbran Shopping, much to their disgust. The trolley problem is vast and long standing, but it does no harm to make a statement! Marianna loves riding in trolleys, so she was super happy to be wheeled into town in one, regardless of the politics behind it all. I wasn't so happy to carry her back to where Anthony and her pushchair were waiting. She definitely isn't a tiny baby anymore.

Trollies in Northville, Cwmbran
110 Trollies! Credit: Northville Community Facebook Group.

Then Anthony had to wangle himself onto the video being made before we went home. I think he's jealous he didn't get to be in the Urban Buzz video a while back. ;)

Northville Community Group in Cwmbran hold a clean up day
Northville residents pushed 110 abandoned trolleys off their estate and back to Cwmbran town centre for the supermarkets to collect. Northville Community Group organised a litter pick as part of their plans to get everyone together to make the area a nicer place to live. Over 50 people of all ages took part in the community clean-up. Bron Afon helped out with skips so residents could rid of any large items.
Posted by Bron Afon Community Housing on Thursday, February 18, 2016


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